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How soon will we get something like ARI?

Asked by HungryGuy (16029points) February 4th, 2012

ARI is Added Reality Interface virtual reality glasses and glove depicted as used by an FBI agent in a murder mystery game for the Playstation. I’ve seen glasses in the past with little video screens on the inside, and things like the Playstation Move or WII controller embedded in the gloves might do it. How practical and possible would something like ARI be?

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I think the real question is why would you want to look like a idiot in public? All the tech is there to make that. It is just stupid and nobody would buy it.

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I think the portability would be key here. Imagine having your phone on alarm whilst waiting for the bus to come, and taking a time out and playing at the bus station. That’s just one example I whipped up in 30 seconds. Now the paid folks would spend months or years even to determine pitch plans for such an event. Wait are you asking if it would sell in society by the masses? I’m not sure I’m understanding the main question.

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Quite soon, if my sixth sense is reliable.

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Well, well, I just stumbled upon this.

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