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Is it possible to cross-rate from IT to CT in the Navy?

Asked by stagayote54 (123points) March 13th, 2011

Is it possible to cross-rate from IT to CT in the Navy this year? I have heard that it is difficult to cross-rate from IT. What is the website that one can check undermanned/overmanned rates?

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I doubt a website can answer your question adequately. This is something that is site specific, and only your unit commander can help you.

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A bit depends on your paygrade, but as near as I can tell from BUPERS and a quick glance at the CREO list… well, I’ll just copy-paste part of it here

Rating E1-E4 E5 E6
CTI(A) – 1 1 2
CTI(P) – 1 1 1
CTI( C) – 1 2 3
CTI (K) – 1 2 3
CTI (S) – 1 2 2
CTI ( R) – 1 2 2
CTM .. – 1 1 3
CTN . – 1 2 2
CTR . – 1 1 2
CTT .. – 1 2 2
IT . . . – 2 3 3

Okay, the columns don’t line up, but 1 means undermanned, 2 means about right, and 3 means overmanned. IT is pretty top-heavy and don’t need any more 2nd or 1st classes. CTs are a little hit-or-miss, but it appears that CTO already merged with IT and CTM is going to be split between ET and IT soon, so you may wind up as an IT again anyways :D

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