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What do you do all day?

Asked by astrojams1 (149points) March 13th, 2011

i am wondering what humans do all day. i am interested in an hour by hour breakdown of 1) what you are doing and 2) what you are thinking about.

11a i am slowly working. i am thinking about lunch.

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Sleep until noon, the regular waking up rituals, decide which household tasks I will work on, go online with the various sites I visit, make dinner, watch TV, work on my needlepoint project, and play with my grandsons if they are visiting.

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0530 – 0700 Wake up, get dressed, and drive a long looong way to work… and not necessarily in that order.
0700–1130 Cutting metal, loading tools, breaking stuff, babysitting underlings, and trying to avoid getting killed.
1130 – 1200 Lunch!
1200 – 1530 (hopefully!) same thing as the morning, only with more caffeine in my system
1530 – 1630 (hopefully!) Driving home… and trying not to get killed by a different kind of fast-moving heavy metal objects.
1630–2215 Chill; wait for wife to get out of work
2215–2245 Pick up wife and bring her home.
2245–0030 Quality time with wife
0030 (hopefully!) – 0530 Asleep… cat permitting

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2:30pm – Wake up. Thinking about my crazy ass lucid dreams from the night before. Occasionally thinking about hawt nekkid wimminz.

3–5pm – Minecraft/Fluther

6pm – Eat. Think about hawt nekkid wimminz.

7–10pm – Minecraft/Fluther. Eat some more.

11pm-5am – Manic writing/exercising/painting/outdoor tree climbing/guitar playing/cat petting/cleaning/reading/problem solving

5:30am – Bed. Think about hawt nekkid wimminz.

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Wake up, pee, make coffee, check Facebook and Fluther – which I will leave open and check frequently for the rest of the day. Take my dogs out to potty, cook breakfast and eat. Clean the kitchen and dinette. Usually sometime at this point I will call my mom or my dad just to touch base and bullshit. After that, I usually work out. Then I will dust and vacuum the main floor, once a week I wash pillowcovers and the throws that go on the couches.. so next I would do that and/or other laundry. While doing laundry I will scoop litterboxes. (If, by some freak chance, I don’t have laundry.. I will just do litterboxes.) Then I will take my dogs out again. Watch some TV while I play fetch with my dogs (yep, in the living room.) Probably have a snack, sit online for a few hours, before cooking dinner. Cook, eat, clean kitchen again. Then I take a bath, wash my hair and get freshened up. Sit online or watch TV until hubby comes home at 11pm. Sometimes I will make him something to eat, but not always. Sometimes he eats at work, so that varies often. Otherwise we might play games or watch a movie. In the summer I might go for a walk. That’s about it. My life is pretty boring. I’ve been housebound with anxiety issues for a long time, so my day is pretty much made up of frantic cleaning and sitting online. I can’t offer times, because they change daily. My sleep habits are a tiny bit erratic.

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IM not working now because i am laid off so i sell pills, pot, whatever it takes to provife for my family my family

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05a Sleeping
06a Waking up, having coffee with husband. 6.30 showering, getting ready for work
07.30 Drive to work
08.30–9.30 arrive at work, check and respond to email
9.30–11.00 meetings
12 eat lunch (sometimes at desk working)
1.00–5/6 More paperwork, meetings, writing/research
5/6 drive home
6/7 arrive home
7/8.30 talk with family, dinner, fluther
8.30/10 family time/TV
10+ bed

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5:40 a.m. wake up
5:45 wake my son up for school
5:46 make coffee
5:48 get on computer
5:50–6:00 make breakfast (sometimes)
6:00–7:00 sit and talk with (eat with sometimes) my husband
7:00–7:30 clean up
7:30–12:00 or 1:00 p.m. sleep
1:00–1:30 shower
1:30— 4:00 read, watch tv or netflix
4:00–5:00 cook supper
5:00–6:00 eat and talk with husband and son
6:00–10:00 watch tv or netflix
10:00–2:00 a.m. listen to music while sleeping in chair
2:00–5:40 sleep in bed
Mundane is my life!

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4:00 wake up get ready for a run
4:30/6 run

6:00 morning chores
7:00 commute
8/5 work
6:00 evening chores
7/8 read
8:30 pray and meditate
9:00 sleep

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My typical work-day:

7:00am – wake up
7:30am – shower
8:00am – coffee and internet, including Fluther
8:30am – set off for work. Bus commute. Joy.
9:30am – arrive at work, go to canteen & have breakfast. (Poached egg, bacon, toast, mushrooms, yum)
10:00am – arrive at desk.
1:45pm – lunchbreak. Back to canteen, half an hour. Good thing it’s cheap in there.
2:15pm – back at desk.
6:00pm – finish work, get bus home
7:00pm – arrive home, sort out dinner (partner often has this already waiting when I get in, but not always).
8:00pm (approx) – eat dinner, clear up
9:00pm – feed the dog
9:30pm – internet, more fluther and other things
12:00 – go to bed

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Typical workday:
6a: wake up, shower, dress

6:30a: wake up munchkin & wife, help munchkin get ready for school

7a: out the door, drive munchkin to school

7:50a: drop munchkin at school, eat breakfast on the run

8:15a: arrive at work, work until…

1:45p: leave work to pick up munchkin at school, eat lunch on the run

2p: pick up munchkin at school, drop off at family’s house

3p: arrive back at work, work until…

6p: leave work and either…

A) head to second job (7a-10p)
B) head home…
eat dinner, help munchkin with homework, hang with wife, clean house

9p-11p: bed

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Today it’ll be this:

730am: get up, get coffee, Fluther/Facebook/email (thoughts: coffeecoffeecoffee)

830am: shower, get ready for class (thoughts: what I was supposed to have read for this afternoon’s class, mentally preparing for the presentation I have to give)

915am: library, coffee, then off to class (thoughts: gottagetanothercoffeebeforeIgotoclass, presentation prep)

10am-12pm: Questione della lingua / De vulgari eloquentia class (thoughts: presentation, whatever the prof talks about)

12pm-230pm: back home, lunch, read the stuff I have to read for afternoon class

230pm: head to school, coffee on the way (thoughts: I bet I didn’t have time to read all the stuff I was supposed to)

3pm-5pm: Machiavelli class (thoughts: Machiavelli)

5pm: back home, probably stop at the grocery store on the way (thoughts: dinner)

530pm-11pm: dinner, Fluther/Facebook/email, readings for tomorrow, blahblahblah

1130pm: Mr. Fiance comes home from work

12am: bed.

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4:30 am get up to pee. Check email, put in a load of laundry, unload dishwasher, check fluther, news sites, do some other house chores, shower. Let dog out. Wishing I could stay hom.
8:00 get ready for work – make lunch, etc. Commute. Think about my children.
8:30 check email at work and calendar, check voicemail. Think about what needs to be worked into the day’s schedule.
9:00 – 11:00 standing meetings at work.
11:00 – 12:00 work on test plans for applications, assign work to others. Think about if I’m missing something.
12:00 -12:15 heat up lunch from home, eat at desk. Talk to person in cube next to me about music.
12:15 – 2:00 work on test plans, read requirement documents, map out information systems in visio. Focus on work, trying to make sure I’m not missing anything.
2:00 – 4:00 project meetings. Problem solving, gauging impacts on schedules
4:00 – 7:30 work with test results, more systems mapping, problem solving scenarios, write requirement documents, write e-mails, leave voicemail messages. Think about contingency plans.
7:30 – 8:30 either stop on the way home from work and eat out, or come home and fix dinner. Let dog out. Think about how much effort eating takes, wishing I had planned to meet up with someone so I don’t have to eat alone.
8:30 – 10:00 run errands if needed – grocery, drug store or do personal stuff like pay bills. Get on fluther, clean kitchen, vacuum, etc. Thinking about how much I hate doing this sort of thing at night, and how behind I am on keeping the house up. Wonder how I’m going to get to things like touching up painting, yard work, etc. Worry about money
10:00 – 11:00 read, watch a little TV
11:00 sleep

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My last 24 hours

12:00 Supermarket shopping
12:30 Garden centre, with sleeping toddler in pram.
14:00 Cafe for (late) lunch with toddler
15:30 Tidy garden and sort out recycling and rubbish
16:30 Search internet for toddler toys
17:00 Driven by partner to pick up car where it was left on Friday after a night on the sauce
18:00 Wash dishes
18:30 Cook dinner
19:15 Eat dinner with partner
20:00 Speak to mother on phone
20:15 Fuck
21:15 Say goodbye to partner as she heads off for night shift
21:30 Read JavaScript: The Good Parts and mess about in Visual Studio
00:00 Watch news from Japan, well-up listening to a mother tell how she lost hold of her daughter in the tsunami.
00:30 Sleep
??:?? Weird dream about watching a Quantas 747 plunge into the sea on take-off
04:45 Pee
04:47 Sleep
07:00 Shower and dress
07:15 Get toddler up, changed, dressed and fed
07:55 Espresso
08:00 Drop toddler at nursery
08:05 Drive to work
09:00 Quick meeting with boss to determine the week’s priorities
09:10 Work on SQL stored procedures
12:15 Lunch
12:30 Fluther

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typical????? PMPLOL!!!!!

6am forward….Wake, Walk puppy, Feed puppy, make coffee, make sure daughter responds to a good morning hug, check email on BB, S-S-S, walk puppy, iron if needed, squirrley rush, pick up 2 more kids and drive 3 fifth grade girls to school, work-work-work-work, coffee injection, lunch workout, more work-work-work, help daughter with homework, feed puppy, walk puppy, cook, play, play, play, tuck daughter in, dishes, laundry, fluther, read, close my eyes for a bit.
and a few million variations and life thrown in the middle of it all.

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It depends on the day. On weekdays, the kids wake me up around 7 am. My partner, my aunt and I get ‘em ready for pre-school and they’re off with my aunt by 8 15 am. Sometimes, I go back and nap a bit (if I had a rough night, sleep wise) until around 9 am. I’m off to work then and stay at work late until 7 or 8 pm sometimes. On days when I don’t stay late, I either go to yoga or pick up the kids from pre-school or have an event in the city to attend. One of the nights, my partner and I have dinner out and one of the other nights I am with my other partner. Yet another night, we go dumpster diving and spend all night cleaning up what we find. I go to sleep around 12–2 after spending time on the computer, having sex and eating.

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I start at about:
5:30, I walk for at least an hour, then take a quick shower. (If I don’t walk that day, I might not shower).
6:45, my daughter is moving around, she’s not a morning person, so we keep things quiet. I don’t want an unhappy teen, first thing in the morning.
6:50, I wake up my son. He takes a little more effort…he’s not a morning person, either. 7a I am making breakfast for the kids and I, and probably folding a load of laundry. 7:30a take son and neighbor’s son to the bus stop. 8am, there is a quick nap. bad habit
8:30a, I’m checking emails, messages on the BB.
9a-1p are working hours, without interruption.
1:30, I start dinner. I’ve found I’m less rushed and aggravated if I have it finished early and then serve it at a “normal” dinner time.
3:00p- 6:p kids come home, we’re taking about school, getting homework and some housework finished. Getting ready for Scouts, Karate or whatever is on the agenda for that evening. Not every weeknight.
7:30 bath for son
8:30 book & bedtime for son (daughter goes to bed no later than 10p, unless she’s had a club night, or activity. She’s 17, so there is a difference in schedules)
9p-11p I’m either jumping back in forth between work and Fluther or I’m doing laundry and on Fluther.

Today, I’m goofing off. I finished projects and am taking a two-day work break, before I start the next project. Dinner is usually at 6p, or whatever works around evening obligations. It’s as close to that time as possible, every night.

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6:00 AM – Wake up and get ready for school.

5:00 PM – Soccer training and then come home at around 6:30 PM

IN between that time and 12:00 PM I do homework and eat dinner, watch some TV and youtube videos and then sleep.

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Wake up at about 8ish.
Leave for work at 9ish.
Get to work at 10.
Leave work at 2.
Do homework, watch TV, kill time until bed at 10/11.

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I bang on my drum all day.

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@Jude clearly knows what life should be all about.

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5am – get up and go work out

7am – finish working out at home and shower

7:30am – get breakfast and get the kids up the first time

8am – check my e-mail and Fluther and wake the kids up a second time

8:30am – read the newspaper and wake the kids up a third time

9am – stomp up the stairs with cold water and dump it on three sleepy heads I don’t really do this but I would really love to

9:30am – start teaching the kids math, answer question about where the dog is

11am – start teaching the kids science, answer question about where the dog is again

12pm – lunch

1pm – read with the children, answer question about where my sister’s cell phone is, play referee to at least two fighting children

2pm – more Fluther, answer questions about where my sister’s cane is and where the dog is

3pm – think about getting dinner going, answer questions about what day it is, play referee again

4pm – get dinner going, more Fluther, answer questions about where my sister’s cell phone is

5pm – watch the news, more Fluther, answer question about where or not my sister fed the dog, play referee again

6pm – read

7pm – more Fluther, answer question about whether or not my sister fed the dog

8pm – read, more Fluther

9pm – nod off with hands on my keyboard then realize that I’ve been up for 16 hours and head to bed. I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow.

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Well as @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard has already, in extensive detail, described my love for hawt nekkid wiminz I’ll overlook that part of my day.

Average weekday:
5am – Roll over in bed. Shift in and out of REM sleep. Have dream wherein food is probably the main focus.

6am – Have food stolen by Tom Cruise riding a dragon made of sheep or something akin to that. Damn it Tom Cruise.

7am – Get woken up at 7.30am by 3 alarms placed in strategically difficult to reach places around my room. Hate humanity.

8am – Wake up again. It’s that late already!? But I only closed my eyes for 5 minutes!? Eat quick breakfast, shower/brush teeth, consider doing something with hair but remember that one time two attractive girls at that bar said I pulled off the scruffy look. Seriously man, when are you gonna let that go? Where was that anyway? Man I must’ve been really drunk. Oh right, university! So I head off to university which is just up the road thankfully.

9am – In lecture sitting with friends. People make mention of how I should get more sleep as I always seem grumpy in the morning. Try to concentrate on taking notes instead of hating humanity.

10am – Lecture continues. Gave up on taking notes so try to imagine myself having a discussion with someone about the content.

11am – Hour break, eat a sandwich or some fruit and have a chat with miscellanous friends. Humanity starts growing on me again.

12pm – Lecture. Take notes and annoy fellow classmates by being the guy who asks questions over-enthusiastically (yeah, you know the guy)

1pm-4pm – This varies alot. I have a lab somedays, statistics work others, project group meetings, go to sports clubs, society or volunteering work, part-time work (though I usually do weekends), or, if all else fails, I hang around with friends. This tends to be my “actively working but somewhat flexible” time.

5pm – Start conversation with stranger. No seriously, this is a disturbingly consistent event in my life. Yesterday I noticed a guy wearing a purple t-shirt at a shop so I asked him, “So purple, how do you feel about that?” semi-humourously to which he then gave me a full description of how purple reminds him of war. It was interesting.

6pm – Back home, by myself or otherwise. Greet housemates hogging the TV, Xbox or worse, debating needlessly arbitrary issues without me, and then head to my room and study. Start preparing for dinner.

6.10pm – Gave up studying course material. Study subject area that’s completely irrelevant.

7pm – Continue studying with intervals of wikipedia hopping (The proportion of literate children in South Korea!? Now we’re talkin’!), Cracked and various other websites that will later be more vividly remembered than the majority of my life achievements.

8pm-10pm – This is similar to 1–4. I usually just laze about, do something social or eat a late dinner if I haven’t had dinner already. On some weekdays I have sports clubs that train late. If it’s a friday I go to the regular pub with my friends.

11pm – Unknown. If up past 12am+ no human can pinpoint what they were doing at 11pm. It is simply put there to look back on at 12am and announce, “Man, I didn’t realise it was that late. What have I been doing?”

12am – Realise it’s quite late and wonder what I’ve been doing. 30–40 minutes of exercise. Openly play out how I’d handle a knife fight against 4 guys at once while really hoping that no one walks in.

1am – Explore the wonders of the internet.

2am – Continue to explore the internet while pondering on the days discussions. Todays being when my friend Toby proposed that whale hunting should be legalised, but only if all whale hunters kill the whales with their bare hands. How hard can it be?

3am – Go to bed and read until I can’t concentrate anymore.

4am – Enter stage 3 sleep. Realise subconciously how much I’m gonna hate humanity for this tomorrow.

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My real schedule is as variable as the day is long, so I’m going to give you a Bad Day snapshot wherein we assume that nothing mechanical goes wrong.

05a Sleep
06a Sleep
07a Wake up, dress, breakfast, go to work
08a Survey damage/incompetence of the previous shift’s work
09a Take chicken out of the oven/put chicken in the oven/put chicken onto spits/wash spits.
10a Lunch, if applicable. Take it now, because things are going to get hairy later. Make ribs before you go.
11a See 9a
12p See 9a
01p Answer stupid question, then see 9a
02p Break, then see 9a.
03p Stupid questions, chicken. At 3:30, I put in the last ovenload.
04p See 9a. Also, washing spits, and the next shift can’t make it today.
05p 9a, then at 5:30 take out the 3:30 chickens.
06p “Sorry, I’ve turned off the oven for the ribs. No, I know. Well, see, I’m cleaning. Try tomorrow, or check out our new line of pre-cooked, vac-packed ribs. No, I haven’t tried them. Well, I work here, see. It’s cheaper for me to shop at Aldi.”
07p Hose off the ovens, scrape misc. scraps off the sides.
08p Clean out grease trap, mop floor, dump buckets of grease (5–7 gallons!), dispose of garbage and boxes. Try to leave by 8:30!
09p Home, scrounging for dinner.
10p Another possible Home time. Shower in here someplace.
11p Reading, Fluthering, computer-gaming, reading of webcomics.
12a See 11p
01a See 11p
02a See 11p, though my cognitive ability is plummeting right about here, due to sleep deprivation.
03a Journal entry, then bed.
04a Sleeping
05a Sleeping
06a “Nullo, can you come in to work? We just got a call from Robert, his grandmother died. Again.”

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