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How do you think you would react to an encounter with another intelligent primate?

Asked by Ajoiner (161points) November 21st, 2008

Lets assume that this “other primate” is very similar to a homo sapien in regard to verbal and physical language and mannerisms. There would be no communication barriers. You could ask and it might answer, you could even share a pot of coffee together. It’s physical proportions are also more man than ape yet there is no doubt that it is something other than human.
This would be your first time seeing something like this and avoiding it would not be an option.
What I’m trying to gauge isn’t what you would ask it or anything like that but how you would feel about the whole thing. It would certainly be an alien encounter but not from some other planet. Not something unknown or unheard of before. This is an animal you are already aware of, just never seen in these “conditions.”
So… curious? Disgusted? Allured? Would you think yourself better than the other animal? Does it frighten you? Etc. etc.

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I used to see them all the time at my old job. Never really did like customers very much.

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I think that as with anything that is unknown to me I would feel fear at it’s motives for contacting me, curiosity as to what drew it to me, intrigue as to how it was so similar to a human but not. There would be just too many feelings happening all at once to be able to say that I felt one emotion. Now here is a secondary question to your first. Would you feel comfortable keeping one as a pet?

by the way is it’s name ALF?

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I think an overwhelming curiousity on my part might overshadow any type of initial fear in the beginning. Once that was over with, I would probably be pretty leery and cautious about just what I was experiencing.

Since this would be a first encounter for me with another being like this, it wouldn’t be very sensible for me to go into it with the impression that I was better than this other being. After all, I know virtually nothing about it.

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I would say that I’d be very interested and excited to have that kind of an experience, but I can’t help but think that I’d have some sort of fear or prejudice. I mean, I’m not perfect.

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What do you think this other primate would think of us? I think it would be a rather interesting conversation with one as such. I would naturally be apprehensive at first, but I think I would be able to relax rather quickly provided there was no aggressoin. Hope this helps.

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I would find it fascinating! I might be a little scared, but more intrigued I think. I would want to know all about it.

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Is it a monkey? Is it cute? I’d ask it to sit on my shoulder. Maybe I could take it home and it could be cool roommate. Maybe it could clean the house and I could provide the food.

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I just saw a NOVA documentary on intelligent apes—and, apparently, they are much more intelligent than people think. Some of them even have extensive vocabularies, but they aren’t interested in making small talk. In fact, the only thing they are interested in talking about is “Gimme this, gimme that.” They don’t have a shared sense of purpose, and they are impulsive. I don’t think I would be interested for much the same reasons I am not interested in other people’s children.

Now, if this were, say, a Neanderthal man, I would be interested to explore an investigation into his interior life, but at a safe distance, after much more was known about them. After all, they may have been killed off for a reason, and they may still hold a grudge.

Now, if this primate were more intelligent than us (as in some sort of Stargate scenario) then I would be extremely curious and probably would have few, if any, reservations about my personal safety.

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if it wasnt aggressive or threatening, I think (hope) I would be happy to share a pot of coffee with it :)

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Completely fascinating. I would ask it as much as I could in the pursuit of Science and the quest for knowledge.

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I would fling poo, then, once this pesudo-human believed me to be the inferior race, I would club him in the head using a large piece of wood with a rusty nail in it, thus proving I am the superior race. I would then proceed to photograph the body, place it in a body-bad and sell it to science.
I am not taking any chances, if they are smarter then we are, I an not going to let no damn dirty ape enslave me!

If you think I am joking, try walking up behind me in a monkey suite in the mall and see what happens. I would wear a face shield for best results.

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“So, you doing anything Friday night?”

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ANYONE who looks different than me is clearly a terrorist.

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LOL @windex! Finally! Someone else who believes what the government tells us to believe!

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I would talk about WOW.
just kidding

I would want to know its known history… it would be able to talk, right?

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I see them all the time at the county fair. That’s why God made county fairs, so we could interact with creatures that seem human, but aren’t really human at all.

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I don’t know. The neanderthal was another human race. They had bigger brains, but didn’t seem to have the abstract thinking we have. It is inevitable that the next jump in our evolution will be artificial. Our biological will come sooner or later as well. Then we will be two races. We will have a revolution in morality and social values. Sidenote: I’m not sure, but it is likely that facebook is the future skynet.

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Initial shock, then share a banana and conversation.

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I would treat them as I would any other intelligent creature. With respect.
If they were a form I had never seen before it would probably be a shock to us both but I’d like to think we could look past our physical appearances eventually.

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Ever seen “George of the Jungle?” I think I’d react the same way she did to the talking gorilla – i.e., faint.

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Hm. Well, for starters I’m going to assume the other primate is not as intelligent as I am, so I’d make a point of crossing the bridge to talk the him/her on his level. I think it would be cool!

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Actually, Homo Sapiens Sapiens interbred with Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis.
It has recently been discovered that our genome contains Neanderthalian DNA.
That said, I would react the same way I would react to any stranger, but it will become natural over time.

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I like to talk to people from other countries to find out about their life, their likes and dislikes, all kind of subjects. I think I would be fascinated unless the entity was hostile.

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Is ‘dating’ an option here?

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I would like to think that I would be interested and fascinated by this new species, but in all reality I would probably go screaming into the night.

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I would run screaming into the night!

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I met two intelligent primates, today. It’s Oklahoma so one was intelligent the other though Bush was a great president.

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AWESOME! Is the first thing I would think.

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