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What interesting things can I do to pass time, while on a boring conference call?

Asked by cak (15848points) March 14th, 2011

I’m stuck in conference call purgatory. I’m being punished for something – I’m just not sure what that is, yet.

I’m trying to pass time while on the call, without getting too distracted. Please jellies, help a bored jelly out. I’m stuck on this call for about one more hour.

I’m only on this call to listen. I don’t have to speak. I really am paying attention to the parts that I must pay attention to; unfortunately, those parts of the call are spread out. Beginning and end of the call.

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Compose a letter to a friend.

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Get interrupted by your husband and kids? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

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One word: Fluther.

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@marinelife: That is a wonderful idea! I know someone that could use a nice surprise. Excellent idea, thank you.
@WillWorkForChocolate : Me, have boogers? Never!
@janbb ha ha!
@erichw1504: Yes, I have that one right now, excellent idea. Unfortunately, when I have to listen, I can’t Fluther. I like Fluther much more than this call. ;)

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It sounds like you’re stuck focusing on the call in order to hear the pertinent parts. One option for future calls is to work with the manager of the conference calls to arrange the agenda. I learned to create one that addresses all-encompassing topics on the front end and excusing those that didn’t need to spend time on the call on the back end.

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Write erotica. It really makes time fly by.

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I took up knitting. I made a 12th season Doctor Who scarf during a particularly long and complicated project that had weekly conference calls that lasted about 2 hours each.

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Make your own word cloud.
Make faces at the phone.
Draw a voodoo doll and poke holes in it with your pencil.
Press the mute button on the phone and blow a raspberry.

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A perfect time to file your nails and put on a coat of clear or color nail polish.

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do laundry
make something yummy for all of us for dinner
start that novel you were planning
have a quickie (make sure you are on mute)

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watch youtube videos with the sound off. mute yourself so it’s ok if you laugh.

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Give yourself a mini-makeover
Write a list of your to-do’s for the next day
Play solitaire
Pay your bills online first then…
Count how many days you have left to take off and list places you can go to for upcoming vacations- Be sure to invite us all for the party!

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Write thank you notes to people you work with – the “I appreciate you” type.

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I love the ideas. We’ve had a little family emergency, and I’m doing this on my daughter’s iTouch (annoying). I’ll respond more, later.

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