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Is this the end of the line for an American nuclear energy program?

Asked by josie (27480points) March 14th, 2011

An American nuclear accident in the 70’s gave the Cassandra’s on the left the political ammunition to crush development of a domestic nuke program.

Only recently did they begin to reconsider nuclear as an alternative to the much despised coal and oil.

Is the Japanese problem with their earthquake damaged reactors going to cause a new wave of hysteria? After all, a European official just proclaimed that the earthquake was caused by global warming. I figure the green crowd must be getting pretty excited about deploying their own political nuke in the war over state sponsored environmentalism.

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Did Deep Horizon polluting the entire Gulf stop off shore drilling?? I think nuclear power is here to stay. How else are we going to power all the air conditioners we will need because of Global Warming.

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Power companies have not proposed any new nuclear power plants because it is very expensive per megawatt produced in order to not repeat three mile island. Nobody is calling for the current plants to be shut down. What power company is asking to build one?

And, there still is no viable long term storage solution for spent fuel. Come up with an economical way to build a safe plant, figure out the storage problem, and stay away from fault lines, and you can build a plant.

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I hope not.

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Yes, without question, in my opinion. It took 30 years for congressmen to get over Three Mile Island and seriously get behind nuclear energy. Today? No congressman would vote for it.

Sad, but in my opinion, absolutely true.

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Funny… I thought the shutdown of the never-used $100 billion-with-a-b Yucca Mountain waste storage facility happened quite some time before the Japocalypse.

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The only way for the UK to meet future energy demands is to start building new nuclear power stations. There doesn’t seem to be any other option but on the other hand who wants to live anywhere near a nuclear power station. When an irresistible force meets an immovable object which wins?

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I hope so.

All nuclear power plants in all countries should be shut down by 2040.

And we need to innovate like never before. But I trust our collective brain.

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