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What are you doing to save the world?

Asked by Lightlyseared (34393points) March 11th, 2008

Are you doing anything to reduce global warming and do you think it will actually make a difference?

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Voting Democrat.

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I have never driven a car. I recycle. Ummm, thats about it. I figure that being 30 and never driving puts me in the category of “Job well done!”

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in 3 months i also won’t be driving a car much. i shower once a week. i very very rarely eat meat. i recycle. i turn the lights off [;
i believe the two areas we need to target are the cattle industry and transportation. (i’m not saying everyone needs to stop eating meat, buti mean come on. who needs a steak every day)

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I speak out, I sign petitions, I write letters. I try to drive as little as possible, although i have to commute to school, I figure that school is worth it. I walk when I can.
My entire house runs on wind power.
I recycle everything I can. I write letters to businesses complaining about their overpackaging, and nice letters to ones that don’t waste stuff.
I re-use everything I can and discuss the problems with the current system with my friends whenever it comes up.
I limit my showers to twice a week to save water.

I continually try and communicate the fact that raising a cow takes more energy than you get from eating it.

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I bike when I can (meaning if its under 20 miles.)
I recycle and try to avoid disposable products.
The guys in my apartment go with the “If its yellow, let it mellow.” rule for the toilets.
We all take short [3minute] showers.
We leave the lights off and windows/blinds open.
We try to buy organic/locally grown foods whenever we can and only one guy eats meat.

There’s a lot of stuff I plan on doing when I own my own home, but until then my resources are limited.

I also protest the coal-fired power plants that are being plopped down everywhere. Although I try to do everything I can, one coal-fired power plant negates anything we can do. We have to get rid of those.

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Ah, i forgot about the organically and locally grown food. Also forgot about the coal.

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I recycle at home and at work. I try to walk as much as possible as well. Hmm I unplug things when I can. (I hate leaving the tv/dvd plugged in when we aren’t home or are asleep – I think it’s such a waste)

I’m trying to educate my friends, family and co-workers about recycling and using natural household cleaners such as baking soda and vinegar as opposed to chemicals.

Oh yes, I try to buy local whenever I can.

And, I’m a big fan of reusing things.

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I’m also wearing a spandex outfit, donning a cape, and giving out free hugs. ;P

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I car pool and drive a car that gets 40mpg. I recycle at home and at work. I don’t eat meat and buy local/organic when I can afford it. I use rain barrels and mulch heavily. I donate used furniture, clothes and appliances. I volunteer with a conservation organization. Oh, and I chose to not have any children.

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I don’t poulute

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well, I for one will be looking out for delirium and the spandex outfit.

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I pay taxes (some of which goes to saving the world), walk as much as possible and since I got my license revoked, I have been taking the bus for the past two months. Also i did go see the Live Earth concert . So thats about it for my part in saving the world from “global warming”

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Notably, the “world” is not in trouble, just humans and many or most of the current species. Bacteria and many of the species that will emerge in a hotter climate will do just fine. Well, until the sun starts to run out of hydrogen in a few billion years. =)

Besides that, and I take public transit and very rarely drive my car.

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I voted for Ron Paul

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Nader’s running again.

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Launching a green wedding website to help others plan –

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I test water as my career so I save people from getting sick. Also if its time the world ends, then I’m all for it. I want to live eternally with my lord in heaven. The world won’t last forever!!

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@toolaura4ya – Since you dragged ‘your lord’ into this:

You have offended The Lord by testing God’s Water. Repent now or suffer eternal damnation in the fires of Hell. It is clear that you lack anything resembling True Faith. Prostrate yourself to The Lord and beg forgiveness, or He will Curse You!

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Ugh. MrKnowItAll. It’s not just God’s water anymore. Humans messed it up. Just like we messed up everything else.

On the subject of dirty water /food, the Bible says “Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother’s way. As one who is in the Lord Jesus, I am fully convinced that no food is unclean in itself. But if anyone regards something as unclean, then for him it is unclean. ... For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating or drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, because anyone who serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God and approved by men.” Romans, 14:13–14,18

You each claim to serve Christ, so be content with peace and joy instead of creating conflict.

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So I know you were being facetious with your previous Bible thump but maybe you should try not being an asshat and just answer questions peacefully. And if you are going to pretend to be a Bible thumper, you should at least find accurate info.

Now. If you would like to flame me, do it on my profile, not here.

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To be specific: I consider the tool’s statement “if its time the world ends, then I’m all for it”, to be repulsive. It appears some took my previous response to be serious. I despise that kind of self-righteous religious BS, and I was mocking those who buy into it.

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Asshat? I believe name calling might be considered un-Christian like by some. Does it make you feel morally superior?

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recycling, wasting less and using less disposables, researching alternative energies, and building an entirely solar powered 800 sqft residential home. and yeah, itll make a difference if more people start helping and the government gets involved. I hate big government but this problem is huge and requires leadership and I have difficulty trusting large groups of people on their own.

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The most important thing I’m doing is living vegan!

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I’m building a strawbale house, I’m using as many old parts in it as I can. I’m a dumpster diver, so I’m always pulling out perfectly great things from dumpsters and using them or giving them away. When I find broken things I fix them if I can so they can continue being used. My house will be wind powered as soon as I can afford to get the windmill. I plant trees. I walk and bike instead of driving when I can, but I live in a very wintery place so I’ve been driving a lot lately, though it is a carpool of sorts and we ride in a hybrid. However it is a hybrid SUV. I shower daily, but my dad never showers so he’s evening it out for me. I get all my drinking water from the local artesian well, hauling it in the hybrid, reusable bottles. I keep my heat set very low, 55 and use down blankets to stay warm. I recyle. I have a front load washer. I eat locally grown items as often as possible, and plan to grow my own veggies and have chickens when my house is built. Also, I never mow lawns when I rent, just let the grass get to the 10 inches or so that it tends to stop growing at. The few times I have mowed, it was with a push mower. On my five acres I’m going to plant wildflowers and “mow” with geese, who natrually keep the lawn short. Maybe a goat or two.

But the biggest water savings I’ve done is when I moved my business into an old school with a men’s restroom that isn’t being used anymore. I turned off a water wasting urinal that has been flushing automatically every five minutes since 1955. Looks like a five gallon tank, and I’ve been here about a year, so that’s a lot of water.

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also I don’t vote republican, for whatever that counts.

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Wow. thats amazing poop master. can i move in with you? lol

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@MrKnowItAll So part of your effort to “save the world” is mocking people who have world-views different from your own? Since conflicts all over the world are often based on just this kind of intolerance, I think you should probably leave saving the world to someone else. toolaura4ya wasn’t preaching to anyone, just answering the question from her point of view.

Oh, and voting Democrat = saving the world? More and more it seems that liberalism is becoming a religion all its own, where its adherents put faith in elected leaders instead of a god. “Save us, Obama!” So much for government for and by the people — today we need elected leaders to make the world better for us.

But to answer the question: Saving the world is about people for me, not recycling or carbon. I prefer not to go on & on about what I am doing, but I try to help others as much as I can.

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I vote and recycle. I try to treat other ppl as I want to be treated. I try to enlighten ppl when they ask me questions about myself (ie why do you like gore? why do you have tattoos? etc), to broaden their acceptance of ppl that look different but are just the same as they are. I support and adopt animals from shelters.

Little things, but then, I wass never the super hero type.

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ride my motor scooter instead of drive as much as I can.

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I’m “Visualizing World Peace” and I’m encouraging all the people who drive closely behind my car to “Free Tibet”

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Yeah, not having children.

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