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How much time passed for you between joining Fluther and getting either a question or an answer moderated?

Asked by tranquilsea (17760points) March 14th, 2011

I joined on March 11, 2010 and had my very first moderated answer. I think that’s pretty darn good. I’m no longer a moderation virgin.

What about you?

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I don’t know that I’ve been modded. Do you get a notification when you’re modded?

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Have no idea.

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I joined in August 2008 and had a question sent back for editing at some point in 2010. It deserved it! Truly, my wording was awful.

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Not a clue. I have been modded occasionally (once when I asked a question about an “emersion” blender) for legitimate reasons.

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No, I didn’t get notification. My comment is just gone with “moderated” by it. I can see why it was. It was wildly off topic but in the question was in the social section.

Meh, not worried at all about it.

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I have no idea.

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a couple of months maybe, answering a question about a proposed big condom covering the oil spill with language in the same vein only much more graphic. After it was modded I asked for a review based on conforming to the Q’s language.

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I have been here for one year also this month and I have been modded a fair amount.
Usually for off topic, a couple of inappropriate (ish) comments, and one suspension for a combo of the above I believe. lol

I do my best to pay attention but, sometimes i simply, don’t.
I mean well though. haha

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About 2 seconds. ;)

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It was a while. I don’t remember.

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There was an award as I recall. The mod squad award. Right below the Herman Melville.

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I got modded for just joining.

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@Cruiser awesome. Your reputation precedes you.

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@seazen_ the award’s not there anymore.

Response moderated (Spam)
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@tranquilsea Come here. Closer. Lean forward… here’s your award: muah.

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@fujivelo somehow I believe that. You rocked a pretty good boat.

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@seazen_ I’m slightly interested and slightly afraid. Do you often have this effect on women?

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So I am told. It’s a mistake. I am actually a flutherbot.

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ah, that explains a lot

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But we aim to please. Pm me for more [redacted]

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I don’t think I’ve ever had an answer removed, but I’ve had two questions removed (both for good reasons). I think the first one was probably 6 months or so after I’d joined, and was for a bad title. For the record, the second one was really bad, and it never came back at all.

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well look at all the teachers’ pets ;)

I believe I was modded within the first few weeks, mostly for asking social type questions (before we had a social section). Looks like I joined at the wrong time.~

I have no hard feelings when I’m modded. (At least I don’t now. We’ve had some good times in the past though, haven’t we mods? So glad we can laugh now.) :D

All joking aside, I do appreciate the mods for volunteering their time to help make this an enjoyable site.

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It was pretty quick for me because I was using my ipod only and everyone knows that the keyboard sucks.

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About an hour.

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Pretty quick, I tend to chat sometimes in General.
@augustlan : We’re all afraid of the stillettos and whip. Even Especially the mods!

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I have no clue, although i’m guessing it was probably within a week or so. Aww, bless those teeny weeny little noobs. They know not what they’re letting themselves in for…....okay, patronising gibberish.

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I’ve been a member over a year and I’ve never had anything modded.

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Watch out, @downtide , you just put a target on your back! ;-)

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Quite a long time to be honest….My first modded answer that is.I think it was last month….
But I got my question modded quite early. LOL…too many typos. ; )

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Note to self: Mod @downtide at earliest opportunity. :p

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Note to @downtide; you’ll feel much better (and less alone) after you have been there and done that once.

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I was Modded the first day. I also almost got into a cyber fight with one of the jellies on my first time answering (the first day); but I also received a welcome from some jellies and that made everything alright.

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i can’t remember when I made my first post, but I had my first “mod” a couple of weeks ago.

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@downtide Go on say something provocative I dare you!

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As far as I know, I’ve never had anything moderated, only sent back for editing. Some I abandoned.

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It took me 12 months and I am astounded. I would have expected a week due to my repeated elipses and inability to place a comma correctly, or for responding while my brain was in reverse but I was trying to move forward…something like, that.

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Like, 10 seconds!

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