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Preschool for kids?

Asked by JeffHP (92points) March 14th, 2011

What age is a good age to enroll kids in preschool?

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I went to Head Start at age 3.

However, there was a little bit of a hassle getting into Kindergarten when I was 4 since I wasn’t going to be 5 until after the cut-off date of 30 Sep, so they almost made me wait a year. I don’t know if where you are has minimum age requirements, so you might want to check your local laws.

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I think it really depends on the child and the parents and what works best for them. My son started preschool when he was 3. He was already in daycare all day because of my work schedule, so finding a place that offered an actual pre-school curriculum was a bonus. He did ‘pre-school’ at 3, then ‘pre-k’ at 4, and entered kindergarten when he was 5.

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Both of my kids entered Montessori pre-school a bit after they turned 2.

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When they are toilet trained. And the pre-school should be segregating kids by age and social maturity.

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My son started going when he was 2½, but he wasn’t potty trained, so they only enrolled him in the mom and child program. When he asked to go full time, I told him he had to be potty trained, and from then on he used the bathroom, so he could go to school full time (which was all morning for that age.)

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2 to 3, depending on what you need for daycare.

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Pre-school usually starts when kids are potty trained. The reason for this is that aside from not having the teachers need to change diapers, potty training requires a certain amount of self-awareness.

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I don’t think it matters what age specifically. I would say just gauge when it makes sense for your child. I started 3 days a week at age 2.5. I know plenty of people who never went to pre-school. As long as the child can play, is stimulated, entertained, happy, and learns some of the basics like A B C’s and colors, etc, all is good in my book.

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My son has been taking classes since he was six months old. We started him in music classes, then he went to some little programs here and there. Now he’s in a twos program and will be going to a three’s program next year. There is never really a bad time to start. The sooner they learn to socialize, interact, and become a bit more independent the better they will be for it.

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Most of the answers are about correct.The ages of two or three are diffinitely the proper age for a child to start preschool.The potty training thing is also another thing to take into consideration.As long as they understand how to do that without any trouble then you are good to go.Preschool is a important part of a young developing child’s mind.It is here where they will learn to socialize with different number of children their own age and cultural background.It plays a big part in the child’s growth and I wish you luck.

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I think I was 3 or 4 when I started.

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