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I can't seem to go back to the origins of my Facebook. How can I access a status update from three years ago?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) March 14th, 2011

I am seriously lamenting the fact that I haven’t saved my status updates somewhere else…

Do you know of any way to go back to the very past on Facebook?


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Find a link to it or nearby [timewise] updates in your 3-year-old email and click that?

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facebook is now upgraded,, maybe in your email you can check it out to find your updates

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Unfortunately, I think you have to scroll and scroll and scroll. You can set your wall to only show your posts, then click “older posts” forever and ever. Stupid facebook.

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The only way: Manually scroll.

Pain in the neck, but it’s really the only way.

Or…if you’ve chosen to receive notifications from facebook in your email, you could check that way but doubt you’ll find anything.

Unfortunately, I have done this before. I spent at least two hours just combing through my old updates on facebook. I didn’t find the one from when I first signed up.

I think they get rid of or your updates expire somehow.

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I wonder if they will one day charge for access to ancient content

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Diaspora! The open source social network! Even though no one will ever use it!

Give it a quick google if your curious.

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