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Can you suggest any online survey applications?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) October 26th, 2010

This is for a humanitarian project and we want to gauge people’s perceptions and perspectives about a bunch of things. is the first result for googling “free online surveys”.

But I guess here someone with more experience setting up online surveys can give me pointers for the best tools, the best of the best, and save me from testing a bunch of them.


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I’ve looked at several different online software programs and have used a few from an administrative aspect. My recommendation is to do the research on what options are available and which will meet your needs. Here is a link to a site that compares seven different software programs and breaks it down by categories.

It can take one simple feature your group needs to eliminate one recommendation. For example, the top-rated software on this list is Survey Crafter Professional, but doesn’t have the capability to e-mail out surveys. If your targeted audience is remote, that brand of software automatically gets scratched off of the list.

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Thanks guys. Yes the goal is to send surveys by email and potentially via facebook too. I’ll check surveymonkey and that list. More recommendations also welcome.

Mmm… checked surveymonkey and although it looks great, the free version is very limited. Anything also good and free and that can make a few hundred surveys would be the best for us. I have to go now but will check the comparison later. Thanks

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I found the survey feature built into Google Docs to be very useful for simple data collection, it puts the data into a spreadsheet that you can share viewing and editing privileges with… which is always handy.

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Have you tried WuFoo ( They’re an online service that allows you to make forms and have people fill them out. All the data is aggregated in one spot that you can peruse later. They are primarily a paid service but I think they have a limited free version too.

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You can create survey forms using google docs.

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