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Can you drive a golf ball over 1000 yards?

Asked by 12Oaks (4051points) March 15th, 2011

Straight from the tee, not vertical yards. It’s a sucker bet. Figure it out, it could be done by almost anyone.

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Yes, but they tend to frown upon me taking my car out on the green.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities LOL!!!! Nice try. But could you do it ball on tee, you standing next to it, using regular club? You know, a legal, regulation golf drive. No mechanical tricks.

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Easily. Just pop it in the passenger seat and I could drive it about 300 miles.

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1,000 yards? 1,000?! As in one thousand? As in ten, one hundred yards?

Either this is going to be a classic zinger or you need to call John Daly and challenge him to a duel.

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Sure, if the tee was located on a low gravity planetoid.

Heck, you might even be able to send it into a very tight orbit depending on the conditions.

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Yes, 1,000 yards.
No tricks, takes place here on Earth.

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Yes, I can, lots of places, but not on a golf course.

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So… what’s the joke here? At the bottom of this page it shows the longest drives ever recorded.

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Ok… so how many strokes to I get to accomplish this feat?

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One hit. You choose when, you choose where.

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I can if I get to drive it onto a road and the ball can bounce for 1000 yards.

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@12Oaks So, at the top of the Burj Khalifa?

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Hit onto a paved surface not grass. Sort of like when I hit the cart path and watch the sometimes astonishing effect.

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Lol….Sure….If I was playing on the moon…..

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Alright, one hit it is.

I’ll make my shot with the wind in the strongest part of a hurricane.

Of course, it would be a heck of a lot easier to do it on a calm day using around 10–20 normal sized strokes.

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Drive the ball from a high elevation where the air is thinner.
There are a few courses that are near 10,000 foot and this certainly can be done there.

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I have taken mine all the way to Seattle.

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Is this question based on this scene from ‘Tin Cup’? ;-)

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Hit it off the top of a high place where it will keep going down and sideways. Top of the Sears tower in Chicago…

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I never seen Tin Cup, and no, as stated no vertical measurements, all straight distance. Ball must come to stop approximately same elevation as your feet. You pick time and place, and must be outdoors. Choose wisely, and take your Time.

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Ok, change of plans. I’m going with a smooth frozen lake (at least 1000 yards wide).

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@12Oaks you did not respond to the elevation answer i posted

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Uh – the answer would be a no.

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@blueiiznh I can’t say no to that, not sure about them there physics and stuff. Not the way I done it, though. But the prize goes to @YoBob and his state of the art divot repairer. Just make sure you have a strong wind at your back before you whack that Wilson.

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@12Oaks there are plenty of right answers in this case.

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Adsolutely I can. And I am not talking about using a vehicle to drive it in. I can definitely do it with a putter and a light stroke. I’m that good. And I’ll bet you %40 I can do just what I said.

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@blueiiznh There most likely is. Am interested in @ETpro‘s solution. Another “trick” way is to chip the ball while flying in a 747. The ball may go just 10 yards inside the plane, but would certainly go over the 1000 yards considering the plane’s forward motion. Hitting it into a tornado/hurricane could also work in theory. More theorys on how to accomplish winning this bet are surely welcome here.

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This was a waste of my time…

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@12Oaks No, I need not be moving at all. I learned the “trick” from an old bet that I believe Mark Twain made. He boasted to a friend in a bar one evening that he could throw a ping pong ball all the way across the Mississippi River without breaking a sweat. He got a $50 bet that he could do no such thing. He took the bet. But the next day when his friend contacted him about proving his amazing throwing skills, he said he was not quite ready—wait a while. The friend waited all summer and fall, and finally on a bitter cold day in the heart of Minnesota’s winter, Twain announced he was ready. They went to the Western side of the river and with a brutal wind blowing, Twain lightly tossed the ping pong ball onto the ice covered river, where it gathered speed in the stiff wind till it sailed all the way to the distant Eastern bank at nearly 50 MPH. In the frigid Minnesota air, Twain indeed never broke a sweat earning his $50.

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@ETPro Best part for Twain? Tax-free income!

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Couldn’t you just go to that golf course in South Africa here.

And instead of using your 9 iron or sand wedge, take out your driver?

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On the moon.

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in your dreams

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I could do it, but not with a golf club…

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I almost made a hole in one once, but I don’t think it was a 1000 yard drive. Maybe 300?

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