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Is there someone around you who, if they ever turn out to be a serial killer, you'll say "I knew it!"?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) March 16th, 2011

You see people on the news interviewed about their neighbors who have just been arrested for beating kittens to death with dolphins, or collecting women’s stolen panties, or serial killing or whatnot, and the neighbors are always like, “He was such a nice man. Always sprayed down his sidewalk with bleach every week. Quiet. I never would have suspected!”

Well is there someone you know about whom you are going to say, “Oh yeah, HIM. I’m just glad he didn’t kill me, because I was pretty sure he was goign to kill someone,” when your local affiliate comes to call?

Doesn’t have to be murder, but is there someone you’re in contact with who looks pretty normal on the outside, but you’re pretty sure has a dangerous screw less somewhere in the transmission?

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I recently found out that a guy I went to high school with (he wasn’t really a friend, but we had some mutual friends) has been committed because he’s seriously out of touch with reality. I don’t know what his actual diagnosis is, but he’s convinced that he can communicate with aliens and is severely paranoid. It didn’t surprise me.

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Err, no!

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Hope not!

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My ex husband. lol
He’d be the suave, charming type.
You know, the ‘nicest guy in the world.’ haha

Of course I jest, but just by a thread, and, he’s in Houston, so, too bad for the Houston ladies. hahaha

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My high school senior class voted that it was me.

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The local clergyman. Someone who smiles all the time HAS to hide some rotting cadavers somewhere.

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I have pretty good abuser radar. I don’t have any murderer suspects.

Except for many politicians and corporate types…

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When I worked (City government) there were several I would have said, “yes! he/she is going to go postal one day”. But the one guy I would have never thought would hurt a fly, stalked and killed his ex-wife. That really tripped me out. You just really never know a person.

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Yes,but that doesn’t make her any less of a mother-in-law!

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I do happen to know a serial killer, but I was surprised when I found out. I mean, I knew he was a bad guy, but I never expected that.

The uncle who molested me all throughout my childhood was not one of those people that everyone would say “Who knew?” about. He was a textbook child molester, right down to offering candy to little children. You’d have known there was something wrong with him within minutes of meeting him. I was certain he was going to kill me for a number of years, so I definitely wouldn’t have been surprised to hear he’d killed someone. He’s dead now, so I don’t need to worry about who he might be harming anymore, thank goodness.

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When I was in Junior High school (back in the mid 70’s) I sat next to a guy in my English class. He was pretty nice and seemed perfectly normal and did well in school. Although he wasn’t a close friend, I considered him to be a friend and thought he was a good guy. Well, when I was in 12th grade, this same guy, who also went to my high school, but I didn’t see him too much at this point, shot and killed 2 people in one of our local parks. From what I recall, he and another boy were high on drugs and he just found this random couple sitting in their car and they killed them, no robbery or anything like that. It was all over the news. I never would have thought in a million years that he could have done something like that.

On the other hand, the place that I used to work had a brief policy of hiring temporary security guards, instead of having guards that worked directly for our company as regular employees. This one dude, who I will refer to as Baby Huey, scared the poop out of me. Whenever me or any other female employee would walk past him, he would give us a long, scary stare. On many occasions, when I was coming down the hall into the room where he was working (but there weren’t any patrons) he would be making these weird arm and body movements, kind of like someone doing tai chi, but it looked like they were semi-violent moves that he saw in some movie or video game (little kids do it all the time, especially if they’ve watched Iron Man or the Last Airbender, but I never feel scared when they do it). And other employees said that he had made several comments about weapons and guns. He ultimately did something like make inappropriate sexual comments to a female employee which got him fired. I always thought that I would definitely see him in the papers related to some type of mass shooting. So far, I haven’t.

One of my former neighbors, was this mean old man (actually he was only middle aged, but seemed like a cranky old geezer) who would never come out of his house except to get his mail or to yell at little kids and people walking their dogs, and when he was retrieving his mail, he would never look up or say hello to anyone. All of the other neighbors were pretty close and friendly on our block and everyone had been inside each other’s homes and even held neighborhood holiday parties, but this dude never came to any of the parties, even though he was invited and no one ever set foot inside his 4 bedroom house (he was the only person living there). He made several un-warranted complaints about our neighbor across the street’s dog. Then the dog turned up dead, having been poisoned. We all suspected that it was this hideous neighbor that killed our friend’s dog, but we had no way to prove it. Everybody kept a close eye on this guy after that, and finally he moved away about a year after that incident. There’s a sweet older lady with a little dog that lives there now. She threw a meet and greet party the week that she moved in. She said the house was in immaculate shape when she bought it, probably because the former owner never used any of the rooms. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this dude on TV someday for killing a bunch of people.

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The son of the Baptist preacher that lived next door to us, when I was in high school. He was the textbook definition of creepy. He was arrested a few times, through his teen years, once for being a peeping Tom. He would follow my friends and I when we went for a run. he would drive slowly behind us, until someone would get fed up and yell at him. Then he would speed past us.

His father was arrested in 1995 for molesting 12 girls, and they suspected several more victims hadn’t come forward. I cannot even count how many times my mother grilled us about *that*situation

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I’m not a perv, but my life hasn’t been the same since women stopped drying their panties on clotheslines.

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I used to work with a guy whose brother had a weird stare that he would give to any woman who would talk to him. It was past creepy. I used to comment that I would never want to be in the building alone with him. The guy I worked with was a thief, juvenile delinquent, and a liar and I would never have left my purse near him, but I never felt physically threatened. But the brother – yikes!

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Maybe not a serial killer, but this woman will go postal at some point. I know it. She happens to be the wife of someone my husband works with. I won’t go into details, but this woman is absolutely nuts. I just hope it isn’t when my husband is around. :/

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@Jonsblond those people are scary

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No, I’m a pretty bad judge of character, unfortunately. For example, there’s this guy who I went to high school with who I knew was into the drug scene and all, but when we talked and interacted he seemed like an ok person. I wasn’t friends with him by any stretch of the imagination, but I was sort of slightly more than an acquaintance of his. Anyway, I just recently heard a rumor that he raped this underage girl. Ugh. I sort of had a tiny feeling that he could possibly cross the line at some point, but I never thought him capable of that sort of thing. Of course, this is all just rumor, so who knows, really? But it still sends chills down my spine that I may have misjudged this person’s character to such a huge extent.

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When I was about 16 I used to go to this optomotrist and he offered my a part time job as his receptionist. So I took the job and on my first day he said he wanted to check my eyes and he tried to hypnotise me. He didn’t touch me but it happened about three times after that first day and I just lifted my arm or whatever he told me to do (it was really just lift your arm/leg or whatever) but the third time it happened I started laughing. He fired me (bastard!). So I went home and told my dad and he said .. “No! The man is 70 odd years old!” Couple of years later, my sister went to the same optomotrist and he did the same thing. Hmm my dad believed my sister and she never had to go back. A few years later a friend who lived in the area of his office told me about this optomotrist who tried to hypnotise her. I always wondered “did he actually manage to hypnotise anyone and what did he do when that happened”. Freaky guy!

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yes. but harmless so far [at least as far as I know].

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