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Where can I download the mp3 album of Kid Rock's, Devil Without A Cause?

Asked by gravity (3116points) March 16th, 2011

A trusted site… I would rather pay for it.

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Have you tried iTunes?

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Kid Rock does not sell on iTunes. I can only find buy the cd option on amazon. I would rather pay for the album than rip it off from some site that says I can download for free. I believe in paying artists for their work. I would not like anyone stealing my work if I were an artist. I want instant gratification to download now if possible.

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Ah, now that you mention it, I do recall something vaguely about him not wanting to sell digital downloads on iTunes.

I’m looking at Rhapsody right now, but can’t determine if this is a digital download or just buying the album.

Here’s the link

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If you use iTunes and want to add the album, just buy the disk and add it to iTunes. Most of my library is that way.

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I am american and love instant gratification… I wanted it on my iPod touch to listen to tomorrow at work. My old cd scratches throughout it… thats no good

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get the youtube url and put it into

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Just get it here
Dont be paranoid its a trustworthy site , others have said this is a legit download and there is virtually no risk in downloading mp3 files, it is exe files that you should worry about.
And since you already own the CD it is legal for you to download.

KennyTheWolf's avatar is free, and non viruses added.

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