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What is your opinion of facial or body piercings?

Asked by RayaHope (7448points) October 13th, 2022

I’m okay with ears but other than that, not for me. I think nose, lips or eyebrows would bother me too much. I’d be messing with them and trying to take them off all the time.

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Each to his or her own.

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I do not care for invasive, decorative body modifications.
Even ear rings are too much for me.
And any piercings that impede body functions, like genital piercings, lips, nose or cheeks, just seem ludicrous to me.

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I just picture the piercing getting snagged and ripping out in a horrible way. Like taking off a shirt and ripping out a nose ring in the process. I have no idea how plausible that kind of thing might be, but it still freaks me out. Not for me personally. I’m generally not attracted to the aesthetic (especially plugs), but as @Dutchess_III says: to each his or her own.

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I don’t even use makeup. It’s all too high maintenance for me.

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I’m squeamish of such piercings, and for face and body piercings other than ear-rings, that often extends to my experience of seeing them on others – my skin crawls a bit. I causes me to imagine (including some feeling in my body) getting pierced there, or having something unwelcome through that part of my body, or like @gorillapaws, think about it getting caught on something and ripped out and/or through the flesh around it, etc.

I don’t remember ever seeing a face-or-body-piercing that I liked the appearance of, either. At best, I’m sometimes able to ignore them.

I don’t want to prohibit others from doing that, or shame them, or say they were wrong to do it, but from my personal feeling about them is pretty much entirely negative.

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Other than earrings, I’m not a big fan of the way they look. I know it’s trendy but I guess I’m old fashioned that way, by not liking it. I guess the one I dislike the least might be a stud in the nose. Of course, people do what they want with their bodies, and so if they want it, yes, to each his or her own.

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I like them on other people.

Though for myself, I prefer tattoos over piercings. Adding ink instead of manipulating flesh.

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Do people think how they will look over time,great now in your early twenties, but what about in your thirties, forties, and older??

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No thank you.

Takes me long enough to get through airport security already o_0

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I think that the reason people put metal piercings throughout their face is to draw attention and shock and distract. And that works very well for me.
When I talk to a person with studs, rings and bars in their nose, tongue, lips, eye lids and cheeks I’m focused on their mutations and not what they are trying to say.

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In a younger day, I had five ear piercings, but I don’t bother any more. When I was the age to be doing all that, it wasn’t a regular thing to do, and frankly, taking care of all the wounds and keeping them open and functional seemed like too much work, although some nose and eyebrow piercings with pretty sparkly things in, I find attractive.

I am all about the ink. I am due for one more, looking at ideas.

And mostly we do this stuff for ourselves, it’s not about all of you who are sure we do these things for you for whatever reason.

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@gondwanalon I agree 100% It draws my eye to the piercings and I have a hard time taking them serious or focusing on what they are saying. Like that lady on this season’s Survivor (forget her name right now) when she’s talking I focus on her nose ring and can’t see past it. Full arm/leg or even body tattoos do the same thing.

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I’ve never regretted getting my nipples pierced. I like that they’re low key most of the time but semi hardcore when people see them. They provide a kinky addition to sex/masturbation, and a punk rock emotional boost when I catch my reflection after a hard day.

And to answer a few questions for those here who have so many..

Yes, you have to clean them, but only intensively for a few weeks to a few months. After that they mostly take care of themselves, unless you’re having persistent problems, which does happen. Different piercings act differently.

Yes, snagging is an issue. I’ve moved to open rings after a couple close calls and haven’t had a problem since.

No, I’ve never had a problem at airport security. They’ve never said a word.

Yes, even in my forties, they look awesome to me.

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@Smashley I liked your answer. And your answers to other questions here are much appreciated, thanks for letting us know. :)

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I don’t find facial piercings attractive and they can be distracting or even ugly. Ear piercing no problem, and I think earrings can be beautiful, as long as it’s a typical small hole. Although, many multiple piercing in one ear can get to be too much, especially piercing high on the ear on the cartilage, but I don’t see it as a negative, more just a little over the top. In some professions I would find it inappropriate.

I don’t like body piercings.

I don’t judge or assume anything about anyone with piercings, I’m just talking about it from a superficial perspective. I do think it’s a mistake for teens and young adults to do piercings that might negatively impact getting hired by an employer.

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Whatever floats a person’s stick. I’m more concerned about (Ras) Putin going nuclear, than I am with how many piercings Joe Dough or Susie Blue have. Just sayin’.

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