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Went home last night and discovered a recent Windows Update has disabled all my USB port. Anyone know how to correct this?

Asked by SABOTEUR (12444points) March 17th, 2011

As a result, I’ve lost my mouse. My keyboard still has power, but my functionality is limited since I can’t click anything. I tried to restore to an earlier date but the date it offered me didn’t restore the USB function. Can’t search for earlier dates because I have no mouse. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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What KB was installed? you can find it in the system log.

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First, just do a restart. If that doesn’t work, try going to the control panel and clicking on system/hardware/device manager/universal serial bus conrollers and check the settings.

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@Rarebear Followed your suggestion. Tabbed through everything in the device manager; all devices working properly.

I decided to try another Windows Update but was unable to select the check box to initiate the download and installation.

So for the past two days I’ve been restarting, safe starting, trying to activate disc cleaner software, disengaging and reengaging USB ports, tabbing through this and that, practically everything I could think of short of calling Windows Support or taking the darn thing to Best Buy for repair, until…

…I removed the wireless mouse thingy from a USB port (again) and inserted it into the USB port next to it, and…

…you guessed it…Windows recognizes a new USB device and I get my mouse back.

Before I lost it again, I quickly deleted a few large files, ran my hard drive cleaner utilities and downloaded the most recent Windows Update. Was about to create a new back-up disc but I thought it might be better to get the update out of the way first. The download was at 90% when I left home (2 hours ago), so I’ll see the results later.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I only hope the fix is not temporary.

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@SABOTEUR If you put it in the original USB port does it recognize? I’m wondering if your windows update is a coincidence and you have a hardware problem with that USB port.

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@Rarebear It’s worth checking out. When I get home I’ll test the other ports and let you know.

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All USB ports working properly.
Sorry I took so long.

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So it’s working now?

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Working like a champ.

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