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So how are you coming along with your Christmas shopping?

Asked by Kardamom (31420points) July 28th, 2016

I always buy Christmas presents throughout the year to avoid the panic and drama and huge bills coming at me all at one time. I also keep a running list of what I bought for whom, so I don’t repeat or over buy.

So far I have completed my shopping for 10 of the 13 kids, and an 11th is almost done. I still need to get something for two 12 year old boys.

I have most of my mom’s gift(s) ready. She’s easy to shop for because she loves books and kitchen stuff.

I usually get my dad’s present in December, because he likes candy. I’ll get him a few little “dad” trinkets too.

I still need to get something for my best friend and her boyfriend.

I have a couple of close friends and neighbors who will get baked goods, so that has to wait.

At our family Christmas party, we each buy a $25 gift card and draw from a hat, so I’ll still need to get that when it’s closer to the time.

Pretty much everyone else will just get cards, which I still need to buy. Usually I buy cards on sale right after Christmas, but last year I was too busy so I didn’t get any.

Those of you who exchange holiday gifts (Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus or Kwanzaa) how far along are you?

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I have bought 2 big presents so far. Pretty much done.

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I just bought a gift for a friend yesterday.
Which I will give her the next I see her.

I’m done, too.

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Nope. Too much changes between July and November on what people really want. we go on the “wish list” basis so that we can choose what each other will like.

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Criminy. It’s July. I have a birthday party to plan in three weeks.

Ssssshhhhh about Christmas.

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Bah. Humbug.

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One more shopping trip and I think I will have bought the last of last year’s gifts.

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Ahem, we have staff for that

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Congrats to you, @Kardamom! Would that I could do that, but I am never ready.

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I only have my children to buy for and their minds are always changing. I’ll shop online in December.

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Since my Xmas shopping only involves regifting my brother the Target gift card he got for me last December, I was done with my Xmas 2016 shopping about 7 months ago. ;-)

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It’s still July over here.

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Last Christmas my sister wanted to draw names for gift giving, so I bought a jeweled back scratcher for the name I drew. If it happens again, I am prepared with Shakespearean Insult Bandages.

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I’ll wait until November or December for the two little ones. All the rest are grown up now and just get money.

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Everybody gets gift cards, and most of those will be to Amazon.

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I would never give money for a gift. That is saying “I don’t care enough about you to pick out something. I only give a gift because it’s expected.” Even a gag gift is better.

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Amazon prime will put all the shit I need to buy at my doorstep about the 2nd week of December.

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I only buy for my daughter, her boyfriend and one friend and I will do that in Dec. Right now I am trying to survive a 100–105 degree, 5 day heat wave. I fucking wish it were December right now. lol

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I’m actually loving these 95+ degree days. Screw the cold, gray, short days of winter. Let the sun shine!

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The SO is the only person who now gets a gift. We are toying with the idea of purchasing a (or part of a) truffle. Neither of us have tasted one before, so it would be a treat.

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@Pied_Pfeffer That is an excellent idea. Believe it or not, I’ve never had one either. I’ve also never tasted a Morel. They’re supposed to be super yummy. I love mushrooms, though, so I’d probably like both of these things.

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I don’t shop for any holiday.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I buy all kinds of stuff, even cat food, at (not Prime) and it usually arrives in less than a week, no charge for postage.

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This was perhaps the worst year ever for Morel Mushrooms, @Kardamom.
In a year of abundance, I could be your contact guy.

I cannot, however, find anyone willing ot part with wild black raspberries, at any price.

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