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Is Rebecca Black freakin' kidding me?

Asked by Joker94 (8175points) March 17th, 2011

In case you haven’t seen it, this video is what I’m referring to. Anywho, is she being serious at all? I can’t help but feel like it’s some sort of joke or satire of pop songs, but I can never be sure. Has anyone heard anything about it being a legitimate song or not?

I kind of hope it’s a joke…otherwise it just proves that mankind is beyond saving…

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I think it’s a bouncy litte song. This age group doesn’t have to have all their songs be about shooting cops and smackin’ bitches.

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Wha What! Are you trying to muster up some hits/views (whatever they call it) for the song? There was nothing wrong with the song or the video. Not my style but I can see where a lot of the younger people would like it. I guess I don’t understand the question.

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Little kids (as in 6 years old) gotta have music too. . . if this isn’t made for 5–6 year olds, then it HAS to be a joke. . . I mean come on “go downstairs for some cereal gotta have my bowl”


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You don’t like it? Well, welcome to adulthood. Even in my teenage years long ago, there were some really pathetic songs that were popular with our age group. Hopefully, the almost 13 million who have watched the video will one day roll their eyes when this song is referenced.

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I’m inclined to agree with @mrrich724, Sounds very babyish and annoying.

Although I really don’t have any room to talk since I used to like Barbie Girl, LOL.

Oh God, the lyrics to Rebecca Black’s song are so original and killer:

Yesterday was Thursay
Today is Friday
Tomorrow it is Saturday and
Sunday comes afterwards…..


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I sure hope its a joke.
Her voice makes my ears bleed, and her face is just annoying. And the song is annoying and honestly, completely stupid.
“Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?”
SERIOUSLY?! What has music come to these days?

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The label it’s published under is a vanity label, which means that rebecca black is not a “real, signed artist,” so to speak. It means her rich daddy paid to have her video and song written and produced. She’s a normal, unbelievably rich thirteen-year-old girl, not a musician.

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I had the same feeling the first time I saw the Spice Girls’ video for Wannabe. I didn’t think it was real.

Anyway, as for Rebecca Black’s song, it doesn’t seem any worse than most of the pop music out there. It may have been released on a vanity label, but it might get her 30 minutes of fame rather than the usual 15.

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Wow, that was annoying. My best friends little sister who is 11 said that sucked. I’m in total agreement with her. It was like listening to Kim from the Real Housewives of ATL It’s bad!!!

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I didn’t find anything wrong with her song. She’s a young girl singing about young kid stuff. Why the hating?

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Thank you, Rebecca Black, for teaching me the days of the week. How will I ever repay you?

I honestly can’t stand that song. The way she says “Friday” and “weekend” makes me cringe. Could her voice get any more Fran Drescher’s? Also, she’s 14, why the heck is she out so late on the weekend in a car with her homeboys? Kids these days…..

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The song was made by the Ark Music Factory, a group of producers who will make a song and video for you if you pay them enough. In other words, what @quarkquarkquark said.

There are other videos like this one made by the same group. One of which is this:

Now, I don’t like that song, but you can’t tell me that “Jason” isn’t incredibly hot…

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Ark Music Factory just sounds horrible..

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Sounds like a singing hamster. If you listen to commercial radio, this is what you get.

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I must be getting old because all I could see was that none of those kids were wearing seat belts. Not cool I guess (me nor the kids in the car).

The song is ok if you like tone-corrected stuff.

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Which seat do I take?

Seriously, her voice is like an anglegrinder, her face is annoying and the text is retarded.

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@ragingloli I officially adore you for that picture. Officially. There’s cake in the conference room to celebrate.

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Why is she singing about fried eggs?

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She made a big mistake letting the guys have a tiny segment near the end of the tape. OMG they totally upstaged Becca B.

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EWWWWWWWWW. this CAN’T be real. I think I’ll go throw up now, thanks

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Are you freaking kidding me? You’re picking on a 12-year old or however old that random child is? Please, that song is supposed to ‘speak’ to privilege little white babies, mkkay? You’re not the demographic, thank your heavens.

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I want my click back!

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Gotta grab my bowl, gotta have cereal!

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The best way to describe the lyrics is artificial intelligence attempting to mimic pop culture lol.

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Worst. song. ever. That song is so bad. And the way that she dressed and her haircut makes her look like she’s trying to be Demi Lovato. Ew.

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Forget Bieber Fever. I got the Black Plague!

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My daughters watch iCarly all the time, and the commercials between iCarly scenes promote Miranda Cosgrove’s videos. While watching one of the promos for her “new” video, I noticed that Rebecca Black’s video is just a shitty copy of Dancing Crazy by Miranda Cosgrove.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I thought the same thing when I saw Miranda Cosgrove’s new video. which isn’t the best song either.

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@WillWorkForChocolate The original is almost always better. Good call.

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@laineybug I know, I don’t like either one. The voices have been autotuned and the lyrics are stupid. Plus, there’s the theme of each video; Miranda Cosgrove’s video promotes sneaking out and Rebecca Black’s video promotes skipping school. As a parent, that irritates me.

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Thank goodness she didn’t catch the bus like she originally planned. With all of those seats to choose from, the song may have lasted much longer.

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