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What are some good magazines like the Economist, in other fields?

Asked by shirsoft (23points) March 17th, 2011

I have been reading the Economist for some time now and like it lot.
It keeps me updated on the finance and politics but am wondering if there are some equally good magazines which focus on different aspects.

Which magazines/sites do you like to read regularly?

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Consumer reports.

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The New Yorker


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I like Utne, The New Yorker, Philosophy Now. I read The Middle East at the dentist office.

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” Nexus Magazine ” :

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The New Yorker

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I enjoy reading:
Far Eastern Economic Review
Foreign Policy Review.
Saudi Aramco World.
The Atlantic Monthly…
All of these are pretty quality reading in my opinion.

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Scientific American
The New Yorker

I read Wired but it’s rather disorganized for my taste.
I keep switching between Time and Newsweek but they both suck.

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Some great selections above. I would add National Geographic, The Nation and Vanity Fair to the cut.

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@shirsoft I love The Spectator Philosophy Now and Empire the best fim mag ever :-)
Welcome to Fluther honey, huggles xx

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For keeping up to date with developments in science, I like New Scientist, but I don’t know if it’s available in the States.

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I’m taking my New Yorker subscription to my grave.

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@the100thmonkey: Yes, I used to subscribe to New Scientist, though not currently. Equally good—but pricey, as you’d expect from a weekly—is Science News.

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