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Why do people say that it's difficult to meet people in big cities?

Asked by GStClaire (22points) March 17th, 2011

When big cities are filled with people? Does that mean that it’s easier to meet people in small towns and rural places?

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It’s not hard to meet people in big cities as opposed to rural areas as it may seem that people in big cities are not as approachable. I think if you really make an effort you can meet people anywhere.

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Small towns are very casual, so it is easy to meet someone.
In big cities, people are often in “protection mode”, and view anyone speaking with them with caution.

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Doesn’t make sense. Lots of people means lots of meetings.

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No. It’s hard to meet people anywhere.

I live in a rural, tourist community and only know a handful of people after 5 years. I like my privacy as well, but, meeting people you WANT to be around in general, is not an easy thing to do.

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From my experience I’ve noticed many people in large cities are busy getting to point B from point A. There’s no time for idle chit chat with people they may never see again. They are in a city with over a million people after all. It’s easy to hide if you don’t want to chat. Just pretend you’re busy texting.

In rural and small town communities, everyone knows everyone. You can’t hide. Try to ditch people when you aren’t in the mood and you become known as the town recluse. You come across the same people all the time and are happy when someone new joins the picture. They have a new story to tell, much more interesting than Billy’s story you’ve heard a hundred times.

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@jonsblond ..I couldn’t have said it better myself..everyone in the city is
always busy with their own lives.

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Like @jonsblond said, cities are a bussle of busy people. You have to do it after work hours.
I have met more people in the Boston area afterwork or on the train than I can in rural land.
Rural depends on how rural. there certainly are a few degrees of seperation in rural areas, but if they are bedroom communities, then you may not even know your neighbor. They drive home into their driveway and push the button on the garage and never see them other than that.
It also depends on your personality. If you are more introverted, then you are more than likely to feel comfort and meet people in small towns.
If you are outgoing, it does not matter where you are. Book store, grocery store, gym, etc…...

Interesting question….

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