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What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) March 17th, 2011

The worst thing I’ve ever eaten is congealed eel. What about you?

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The Cinnamon Challenge. Never forget…

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A slice of fried eggplant (which I love) smeared with a thick layer of mayonnaise (which I destest even the smell of). I did this because I was a banquet guest and an excited table partner placed it on my plate, convinced they were sharing the most splendid of delicacies. Scree!

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Humble pie and crow.

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Refried beans. They weren’t bad enough fried once? You have to fry them twice to really make the texture gross. Not a fan of any bean.

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Cow tongue

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Blood pudding, blargh.

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Offhand, I can’t recall. But it was probably something that I cooked myself.

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@chyna nailed it for me. I cannot stand refried beans and have been known to ask to have them left off my plate when it’s part of the meal. Blech.

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Seriously, it was worse than the piece of chicken that was crawling with tiny maggots.

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Probably bison bratwurst. It was my birthday lunch, so I choked it down (and it was better than ordering something new and paying for two lunches and eating just one) so I choked it down and never had it again. There isn’t enough salt in the world to have made that thing taste good…. better, of course, but not good.

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@Symbeline What on God’s earth is blood pudding…?

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It is some type of sausage made with pig blood.

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Ah @Joker94 I wish you hadn’t asked…

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I bought a dark chocolate bar from the dollar store this past Christmas for $1. It was the first time in my life I took just one bite of chocolate. The thing was nasty. Tasted like cardboard.

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@Joker94 – Look here and here if you dare…

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Natto. Rotting Japanese soybeans. Barf.

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Blech, why did I ask?! At what point in time did asking about blood pudding sound like a good idea?! Waaaghhh!!

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depending on how it is served, it can be quite tasty.
Hot with mashed potatoes. Yum.

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Pickled herring. I don’t think I need to say more.

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@Joker94 I tried to tell you.

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@ragingloli Hmm.Mashed potatoes make just about anything fantastic…I’m reconsidering my stance..
@chyna Maybe we can take the blood sausage challenge together?

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oysters…..............BARF Never again. :X I rather eat a bug.

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It’s funny that you all think blood pudding is nasty. I actually love it. But I grew up with it.

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I have no intentions of telling you that when I was little (about 3) I saw a pic of someone hurling in a toilet, and I thought he was drinking his urine…so I tried it.

oh shit

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Balut, NEVER AGAIN!!!!

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Pecan Pie

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@filmfann Whoah, you f’reals right now?

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That shitty meat inside a gyro. ((((((((((((((((((((Shudder)))))))))))))

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One time in I had this flan, but whoever made it definitely did not make it right. It tasted okay but I couldn’t stand the texture. I took two bites then threw it away.

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@Joker94 I have eaten baby sparrows, monkey, rat, dog, slug, and bird shit.
Pecan pie is worse than anything else.

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It’s a tie between Domino’s and Mcdonalds. I’d rather eat stinky tofu in Taiwan again.

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@filmfann How can you not like pecan pie?! It’s so tasty!

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@filmfann I will take the pie, and you can eat the rest

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@filmfann I’ll be damned. I’ll take that pie…

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@filmfann are you just trying to be subversive? I have a hard time believing what you said.

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@Joker94 you’ll have to fight me for it

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I was a scurvy traveling hippie at one point and tried eating some bread in a dumpster. It was awful.

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@shego Challenge accepted. Pick your game and venue, suckah!

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Props to you @shego. I don’t think I could ever try Balut. The thought of all the crunching….. ::shudders::

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@Joker94 no cheating these rocks have eyes

@jonsblond I lost a bet to my dad. I learned real fast to bet against him after that one

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I’d rather chew on a plank of wood. ;)

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@shego Very well. I warn you, I am quite the pugilist!

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@Joker94 too late I got a pie
I win!!

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@shego Curses! Foiled again! strokes mustache Nyeh!

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lol, but I can share

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This was the highlight of my night

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Vegimite. I tried it in Australia….my whole breakfast almost came up. Almost entirely composed of yeast. BLAH.

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A boiled peanut.

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Luckily I’ve been a vegetarian for 30 years and I didn’t eat any yucky or weird animal products before that time (just the standard stuff, although an occasional bit of gristle did accidentally pass my lips to the point where I thought I might have to get therapy) so the worst things I have eaten are grilled eggplant (super thick slices that were undercooked and not soaked in milk to remove the bitterness) It was like biting into a piece of disgusting, wet corrugated cardboard. The second worst thing was okra cooked in the traditional Southern manner- coated with cornmeal and fried in a pan. Crunchy and slimy at the same time. And the third worst thing I’ve ever eaten was a particular type of bleu cheese (the name of which I cannot recall) in which the mold actually looked like big pieces of herbs, the mold kind of looked more like pieces of sage rather than mold, but it smelled like sweat socks and tasted the way B/O smells. I like most bleu cheeses, but this particular one was kind of like eating a corpse.

@chyna I eat refried beans at least 4 times a week. Bean burritos are one of my staples. I think I’d go mad without them. I love almost all types of beans except black eyed peas and lima beans. And I’ll even give those the old college try if someone thinks they have a good recipe.

@filmfann It wouldn’t be Xmas at our house without pecan pie. I love it!

@Supacase I’ve never had boiled peanuts, but I love peanuts in general and I’ve had them in African dishes where they were kind of soggy and I loved them so I’d probably like that.

@Symbeline I saw a special on PBS or one of those documentary channels all about the making of blood sausage in Germany (it’s similar, but almost worse than blood pudding) but the worst part was when they showed these huge 50 gallon plastic bags full of pigs blood being dumped into an industrial mixing trough. I thought I was going to hurl. And then the people eating the sausage remarked that it had a very interesting metallic taste to it. LIKE WHEN YOU BITE THE INSIDE OF YOUR MOUTH AND TASTE YOUR OWN BLOOD!!!

@Michael Hunnington I am very curious about the stinky tofu. My friend’s Dad went to Japan last year and tried it and liked it. I love regular tofu and I enjoy a lot of the stinky cheeses, so I’d probably like it.

@shego I think I would consider taking my own life before attempting to eat Balut.

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I feel horrible. I’m a terrible mother for saying this, but my Daughter’s peanut butter cookies. She’s only made them once. That is a blessing. She read the recipe wrong and somehow read the amount of salt, incorrectly. They were horrible, like seawater peanut butter cookies. There was not enough water in the world to get rid of that taste.

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another Balut, but I won the bet. It took me a month to work enough of the taste out of my mouth to drink that bottle of Crown.

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Seriously hungry people to eat balut the first time! @Kardamom I love my beans, too, and make a great refried bean if I do say so.

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Witchety Grub Pate. Think that’s how you spell it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It is more the mental picture that gets you, but it tasted fairly bland and ordinary. Oh and artichokes.. yuck… perhaps it was how it was cooked but it was like eating cardboard.

@chyna reminded me of my stepmother’s beans. Far out. She used to fry them in fat.. ugh… vomit. And worse!!!!! Her omelettes. A chunk of fat and then float the omelette on top. I made the mistake of telling my brother I liked an omelette he cooked so every day I came home from school at lunchtime to a floating on fat omelette. I starved at lunchtime for about a month… ugh .. the thought of it turns my stomach. I would rather eat witchety grubs.

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Another vote for the morcilla, blood pudding.

Also this one soft boiled egg my mom made me in seventh grade that was underdone. The sight and smell of it prevented me from eating eggs for years.

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There is a cheese here in Norway called ‘gammelost’, which translates literally to ‘old cheese’. It’s not one of those nice white with blue veins through it… No.. it’s old brown goat cheese. It tasted like toe dirt smells. They say to serve it after dinner with gin or aquvit, but I don’t think I could ever be drunk enough to ever put that stuff in my mouth again. Horrid.

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@ladymia69 Don’t even try to be dissin’ on gyro meat!

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Cow shit. Not intentionally, but if you’re around a couple hundred of them it’s going to happen.

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