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What do feel about the government raid on FLDS ranch in Texas?

Asked by trainerboy (1307points) April 17th, 2008

Is there real evidence of abuse or is the government overstepping its bounds?

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where minor children are involved, I believe that agressive investigation is always the side to err to. If after interviews and perhaps physicals, there is no harm found, then all non-suspect children should be returned to their parents and ways of living life. What will not be acceptable is for the govt to “capture” the children because of the religious pursuits of the group that may not be agreable to outsiders.

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i like those mormon chicks surfs up hairdos! almost like all those chicks in the eighties with 80 inch bangs.

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flds != mormon, btw

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@phoenix….no…it doesn’t.
Mormons are of the LDS church. They are two separate entities just like Lutherans and Catholics.

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The fact that they pulled the kids from their families based on a tip from a girl who still hasn’t been identified which proved to be wrong anyway (the guy she claimed was raping people wasn’t even in the state), to me shows the injustice of the raid. This is blatantly unconstitutional, especially since they have no actual evidence of anything, no warrants, nothing but their presuppositions of what the FLDS believe… I’m personally ticked that there’s not a bigger outcry right now. Now, there definitely needs to be an investigation, but you can’t just rip families apart in the name of investigating; that’s against the law folks.

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I thought (with my previous statement) I’d jump in and make a quick clarification, but it may not have been so clear. In programming ”!=” often means “not equal” or “not the same as.” To expand out my previous statement: The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not the same as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (whose members are often referred to as “mormons”). The people who buster referred to as “mormon chicks” are actually FLDS women and not “mormons.”

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Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t know what!= meant so my error.

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Where is the Morman church in all of this. thegodfather are you up to speed on this group? Child labor, food stamp scam, underage weddings, breaking the laws of many states etc?

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Child labor—evidence please? Everything to this point is just supposition and rumor.
Food stamp scam—evidence?
Underage weddings?—again, hearsay. An investigation needs to be done, yes, to determine what is true and what isn’t, especially since so much of what’s going around is steeped in rumor, and sometimes bigotry. That’s all my point. I believe what the officials did to remove the children from the compound was not based on legitimate evidence, and therefore is illegal. That much is obvious. But they should perform a legitimate investigation, not just raid a compound because of a faked phone call.

Also, it’s Mormon, not Morman, and this church is not affiliated with the FLDS group. They share a history once you go back to the 1840s, but that’s like linking a person to a fourth-great-grandparent to say that the Mormon Church and the FLDS are the same.

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