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Who's your early pick for American Idol?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) March 21st, 2011

My mom loves Jacob Lusk who sang “A House is not a Home”.

My favorite is Casey Abrams, who’s singing “Georgia”.

I also like Paul McDonald, who was singing Maggie. He sounds just like Rod Stewart, my mum says.

I hope that none of them win, though, because they would get the “American Idol curse”. None of the guys who have ever won have done well, and I like these guys too much for them to fade into obscurity.

Anyway! Who’s your pick, if you watch it?

I like the talent this season, so I’m watching it while I do weights and stuff.

Please don’t comment if you don’t like the show.

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Not Paul McDonald his voice is not too good in my (mediocre) opnion. Also, I don’t like Jacob either. My favorite two are Naima and James Durbin. Pia is obviously insanely good aswell, but her voice isn’t as unique as Naima’s and James’s.

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@dxs : I just hate that sound that Durbin makes. That weird screechy screamy thing that really bugs me. We know he can sing, but he doesn’t have to show it off all the time. Naima is really good as well, but she hasn’t been doing very well lately. /:

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Thia Magia, if she kind of takes the attitude down a touch. Other than that, Paul will grow on you, but for most tallanted look at Casey.

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@12Oaks : YAY A CASEY FAN.

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Ellen DeGeneres

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Ooh, I just watched it tonight for the first time in two years. I really like the little Italian kid. Hugged his mom tonight. Don’t remember his name…

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@cprevite : Wait, it was on tonight?

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@troubleinharlem: No, I DVR everything. I have no idea what night anything is actually on.

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I love Casey as well. I hope he stays healthy enough to finish out the competition. Poor guy.

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I think Jacob Lusk has a wonderful voice. I could listen to him all day long. I truly hope that the homophobic contingent which unfairly tanked Adam Lambert won’t stir things up again. He definitely should have won.

I have no idea whether Jacob is or isn’t and it shouldn’t matter at all. But the same should have been true for Adam.

The other one with the most distinctive voice and style is the kid with the deep bass voice who sings country (Scotty McGreery) I’ll be interested to see how he handles other types of music in upcoming episodes. I love his voice.

Regardless of how far he goes in the AI competition, he’s going to get a recording contract from someone and I think he won’t just be a one hit wonder like some of the others in the past.

As in the past, it’s not always the winner who ends up with the highest sales post-Idol or the career with legs.

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@Buttonstc : that’s very true. I think that Scotty will probably get a contract anyway because his voice is super unique.

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Oh I like Scotty, too, and the stefano one (cant really remember his name). I think i have too many favorites…

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