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What’s your favorite mug shot?

Asked by fujivelo (480points) March 21st, 2011

Mine is Andre the Giant

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This guy! It isn’t a mugshot, but whatever. xD

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Michael Jackson, without his mask on, the thin cartilage of his nose peeking at you. I don’t know how to include the pic, but if I do, I’ll post it.

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@AllAboutWaiting the directions are under the answer box….

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My favorite mug shot

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I am not entirely convinced that this is not a cartoon

I am also an aficionado of The Smoking Gun’s Friday mugshot roundup. Highly recommended.

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@jaytkay : I love that show. xD

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RE: Wynonna Judd

Gahhh! I think Ashley was adopted!

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@DJoy83 Nolte has James Brown’s hairstyle. haha…. I never noticed before.

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@jonsblond Hehe, neither did I. They must have shared the same stylist, and dealer, for that matter.

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Another personal fave – Mike Tyson

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They’re all good.

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Most of my favs have been listed…but there are sooooo many to choose from

one more

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the mugshot from the movie Strange Brew…. that movies ehh?

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