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Which hotels allow people (18+) to rent?

Asked by taytaysafreak (244points) March 21st, 2011

I am taking a road trip from Saint Paul MN to Orlando FL in April with my boyfriend.

I am 18 and my boyfriend is 20.

Does anyone know of any hotels on the way that will allow us to rent a room?

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All of them, I would hope.

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Most will require you to have a credit card, but other than that, I think they all do.

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So long as you can pay, all of them.

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I don’t know if “all of them” is true. I remember having a very hard time finding a place to sleep after prom in HS when we were 18. I would definitely call ahead to check or try using expedia to book them. And yes, you certainly need a credit card in one of your names.

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@SamIAm It’s probably because they were worried that you’d trash the room after prom.

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@MyNewtBoobs: It was just me and my boyfriend… it was late at night and we just needed a place to crash. We weren’t looking to party. We had been driving for quite a while. It was just their policy. They eventually let us get a room – after talking to our parents at 2am!

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@SamIAm What exactly was their policy, and why would talking to your parents change anything?

I guess some will let you book a hotel if you’re 18,but not check in unless you’re 21+. So call first to make sure that you’ll be allowed to check in.

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Call ahead. Most motels in chains are locally owned and operated, so they pretty much set their own policy. Having a credit card goes a long way to opening up doors.

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@MyNewtBoobs: I don’t recall their policy… as I mentioned it was 2am and we were exhausted. Could have been 21 to check in but they wanted a note faxed (I think my boyfriend’s mom did fax them something; I told them my father was out of the country) and to talk to both of our parents on the phone. Regardless, the OP should do research before they try because it’s going to vary by hotel.

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Just call ahead and ask. Most do require you to be 21 to check in though.

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