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Does anyone know what the best hotel in Prague is?

Asked by chian (554points) February 3rd, 2010

I want to take my mum for her birthday. Does anyone know what the best hotel is these days in Prague?

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The four seasons hotel.

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Everyone I know who has been to Prague says it is FANTATIC! They all say the city is incredibly beautiful. I don’t have a hotel choice for you, all of them went years ago, but I just wanted to let you know.

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“Everyone I know who has been to Prague ”

I wish I could say that… :-(

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Thanks, yes looked at four seasons, look great – just wondering if maybe something even better and newer!
@JLeslie yes it is, i have been and its incredible!!!

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@ChazMaz You can live vicariously through me. Now you can say, “I know someone who says Prague is fantastic!”

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It kind of depends on what you desire in a hotel. Here are a list of five-star hotels in Prague.

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@marinelife thanks, yes i have seen all these but was hoping someone had been and knew..

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@JLeslie – Thank you! :-)

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@chian I have been & do know. It’s all a question of taste anyway.

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I stayed at Hotel Eurostars David, and I thought it was great. The location was perfect, close to Charles Bridge and the train. Also, very reasonably priced for a 4-star hotel. They also have a 5-star which looks great.

Prague is so very beautiful, enjoy the trip!!

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Where in the city do you want to stay and what will she want to do the most? How long are you staying?

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@ucme i wasnt talking about you! Neither do i mean whos been to Prague, i mean i want peoples opinions on specific hotels they have stayed in or heard of.
@empresspixie old town so we can walk everywhere easily…I am thinking mandarin oriental….

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@forestGeek thank you ill look it up!

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@chian Your entire question is therefore completely irrelevant. I suggest you learn how to word them correctly in the future. You weren’t talking to me, absolutely extraordinary response.

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@ucme seriously no need to be so hostile.
Firstly I was talking to someone else when i said ” @marinelife thanks, yes i have seen all these but was hoping someone had been and knew..”
You then replied ”@chian I have been & do know. It’s all a question of taste anyway.”
I then reply to you saying “i wasnt talking about you”
There is absolutely NO need to reply in such a sarcastic rude way.

To the others, thank you for your advice!

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I’ve been to Prague but I stayed in a cheap little guest house in Zizkov (about 2 miles out of the city – short ride on the Underground) rather than a hotel. It was very low-budget and basic but we didn’t spend much time in there, so it didn’t really matter. The city itself is great. On your first day go to Old Town Square and near the clock you will find people with big coloured umbrellas. These people are mostly foreign students, and they are also tour-guides doing walking tours of the main sights. Its a great way to get to know the city and give yourself a few ideas of things you want to go back to see in more detail.

If you want to visit the Jewish quarter, try to do so between Monday-Thursday. At weekends it’s packed (at least it was in August when I was there) and you’ll queue for hours just to get in.

If you like jazz/blues music, do pay a visit to the Ungeld Jazz Club, which has live music on a Tuesday night, and is just off Old Town Square. Wenceslas Square is more for mainstream shopping and entertainment.

I’m sure you’ll both have a wonderful time.

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