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What's a fun/hip place to stay in NYC?

Asked by testtoast99 (80points) February 2nd, 2009

I am traveling to New York next week for a few days and am looking for a great place to stay. I don’t mind paying $300–400 a night if needed and enjoy comfortable rooms with a unique flair. Any neighborhood in Manhattan. Thanks!

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Muh house.

JK. My house isn’t fun or hip but it is in NY!

Good luck with finding a place. :).

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This is a really cool hotel, near bryant park (behind the 42nd st library):

The Library Hotel

it employs the dewey decimal system to organize the 60 rooms, and each room has a theme from a subgroup of the dewey system. very cool. boutique prices though: can be $400–500/night, high-roller.

have fun! and go to St. Andrews restaurant (scottish) near Times Square, near Spamalot. 192 whiskys, and good scottish food.

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Another way to experience New York is to rent an apartment. The time that I did that I loved the experience of being on the upper west side and having the neighborhoody feel one does not get with a hotel in mid-town. Think artist’s loft or other unique experience.

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I’m staying at Gramercy Park Hotel next month. Supposed to be very nice.

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@Judi that place is the business. Ask the doorman to let you into the garden in the center.

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Our room is supposed to come with a key to the private park.

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@Judi awesome! Have fun!

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These were all really great suggestions. Many thanks. I have stayed at the Gramercy and it is fabulous. Be sure to get up on the roof and secure your reservations in the bar downstairs for later at night as well.

In the end, poking around on all of these sites reminded me of a recent stay at The London and I couldn’t resist going back there. Very spacious, clean, and hip feeling. Anyway, thanks, everyone!

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Check out the Standard NYC. It’s new, and it’s supposed to be the epitome of hip.

You might want to check out That’s a great site for new and occasionally independent hotels.

I was just at the Westin Times Square. It’s a great business hotel, but not necessarily an exciting place.

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The Library Hotel or Dylan. They’re both pretty cool…different in their own ways.

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