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Are there single serving portions of certain foods that you can never seem to finish?

Asked by JmacOroni (3288points) March 22nd, 2011

For example, I can never finish a whole box of raisins, or an entire packet of oatmeal. I can’t eat two whole eggs, either. I know that none of those things are a large amount of food, but for whatever reason I can’t ever seem to finish a serving of any of them.
Is that really odd, or are there certain foods that you can’t seem to eat very much of before you can’t take another bite?

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Dried fruit does it to me, too. Or anything with a strange texture, no matter how yummy it actually tastes.

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I can never eat a whole small bag of unsalted almonds, even if I eat them without anything else.

If I eat them with something else to enhance the flavor or texture, such as salsa or dried fruit, then I can eat a lot more of them, but still not all 8 oz.

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One thing I’ve learned from this thread is who’s generous with their lurve. ;-)

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That is why I have dogs (and would love to have chickens again). I never have to feel guilty about wasting food because someone always eats it! (or the compost pile gets it!)

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Mushy peas! Way too filling & also as hot as bloody lava.

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Sweet potatoes or yams. There’s something about the texture just makes my mouth say, “That’s enough!” very quickly. I don’t dislike them. I just don’t want any more.

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@Sunny2 that’s how I feel about oatmeal. :)

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@JmacOroni I can’t even think about eating oatmeal. Maybe if it was the only thing available or I’d have to go hungry. . .

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With enough butter, cream and honey, oatmeal is delicious!!!

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I like oatmeal. I just feel like I can’t eat very much of it before the texture gets to me.
@rooeytoo with enough butter, cream and honey.. anything would be delicious! :)

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