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Is my texting messing up my typing skills?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) March 22nd, 2011

Okay, so, I don’t text too often (a few times a day day or so, it depends on who I’m talking to), but on my iPhone since the little buttons are so small it’s very easy to type the wrong word.

The iPhone auto corrects my words, of course, but I’ve noticed that ever since I have started texting, I have been spelling things wrong more often when I’m typing. I used to be a really good typist – I mean, 110wpm from when I last checked. (When I was in gradeschool I used to get bored and finish my classwork early, so my best friend was Mavis Beacon and her virtual typing class).

When I text, mind you, I type out the whole word. No “lol“s or anything, so it isn’t like I’ve been spelling things badly on purpose.

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You may be rewiring your hand-eye coordination somewhat so it has trouble switching back and forth. That’s just a guess.

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@janbb : Okay, well, how can I change that or set it back?

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Are you concerned about your typing or your spelling?

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I would cut out the texting for a time completely and see if that makes a difference. Then you can decide what you want to do about it.

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I have found that I do the same thing. To correct this I have started to concentrate on my iPhone texting and not letting the auto spell correction feature do it’s job. In other words, if I see that it is correcting a word for me I just delete the word and start over. I have found that this helped me. I can’t give up texting and I don’t want to give up spelling either.

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There is a term for what you’re experiencing.

Its called “Retroactive Inhibition”.

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@JmacOroni : My spelling is fine. The problem is that when I get on the computer, I suddenly misspell easy words. I know you can’t tell, but I just misspelled misspell

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I noticed the same problem when I started using a certain mobile device as well.
I realized that the problem was in the alignment of the virtual keypad.
If you take a close look and compare how the rows are aligned, the keypad on the mobile does not line up the same as on a traditional keyboard. Instead of a down and to the right shift, they are located under each other.
This will add to misspelling on either one, but more on the mobile device. (at least for me)

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If you don’t type (on a regular computer keyboard) regularly. You will lose that skill. And like @blueiiznh the phone keyboards are not set up or used in the same way that you would normally type.

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