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What was the name of the Albert Einstein episode that just aired?

Asked by Azi (11points) March 22nd, 2011

An Albert Einstein special just aired this past Sunday 3/20 or Monday 3/21 and I’m trying to figure out which channel was it (History, AE, Bio) and at what time? I would like to see if it is going to air again. I tried looking for it on channel guides but haven’t come across anything. The advertisements for it started off with something like ” a man was sitting in a bus going through a tunnel when he thought up the theory of relativity ..” Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Could it have been Einstein’s Big Idea on Nova?

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That looks like it could have been it, but it wasn’t aired recently. The one I am talking about was broadcasted some time in the past week. Thanks though!

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@Azi Depending on where you live, it may have been aired recently. Our schedule for Milwaukee does not show everything they air during the PBS fund raiser. They often air popular Nova episodes during the fund raisers.

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I’m located in southern california. I tried searching for recent NOVA shows and nothing is coming up.

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