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Why is it that guys always want what they cant have? And they like it when its hard to get?

Asked by love408 (147points) April 17th, 2008


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Same reason girls do.

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The thrill of the hunt? You shouldnt make generalizations about groups. Not every guy is like that.

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I agree with Randy. Not all guys are like that. A better way to phrase this would be Why do some guys want what they can’t have sometimes? and Do they like a woman who is hard to get?

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Just how it’s seemed to me, but what I’ve seen happen a lot is this:

1) Boy sees girl and gets attracted/interested before girl.
2) Boy doesn’t communicate and so falls in love/lust/crush/whatever with his imagination of her.
3) Boy brings THAT when/if he gets around to approaching her, and THAT is weird for her since he’s nervous and thinking about something that isn’t her (and his approach is trying to cause something by himself, not create something with her), so she’s not attracted.
4) Girl is politely INDIRECT about saying no, but guy is listening for any possibility and hears it as NOT NO = MAYBE YES.
5) Boy goes into problem solving and causing modes, trying to change the polite/false MAYBE to YES. Girl experiences this as guy trying to get something he can’t get.

In this situation, the guy doesn’t know he can’t get it until she does something that breaks the illusion he has from his imagination and the MAYBE YES, politeness, lack of an answer, etc.

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