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How do you get a guy by playing hard to get?

Asked by love408 (147points) April 17th, 2008


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im a guy and from my perspective, its harder for the guy to ask you out because he might be unsure if you like him or not, and rejection is a big deal with me/other guys. sometimes when im in a bad mood, i notice that other people in school are doing this, and it makes me mad at the girl, because she’s playing with someones mind and it gets really confusing.

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I like it when girls are easy to get, but that’s just me.

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I like when peedub is easy to get.

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I agree with Mtl Zack. You should play hard to get after he’s asked you out, it will make sure the guy wants more. If you do it before, he will be afraid to ask you out.

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Love doesn’t normally involve crazy mind-games. I’m not surprised the boy doesn’t like you.

edit :: and your history of questions is kinda wacko.

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@ EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD – Don’t play these games.. Well if you’re not in high school atleast

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I’m in high school. I don’t appreciate it either.

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If you tease a guy and lead him on…..he will chase you, but by the time you let him “catch” you, he no longer likes you – he just wants to conquer his prey.

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I don’t think most guys would tag that behavior under “Love”, or at least a mature understanding of Love.

I guess it would depend on how you would like to be perceived by those you intend to attract.

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