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PC game about mining gnomes/dwarfs that I played as a kid. Anybody know what it is?

Asked by Moreyellow (15points) March 23rd, 2011

I remember, quite a few years ago, playing a PC game about mining/digging. You controlled a single or bunch of little gnomes and you had to dig tunnels, set up camps, etc. I think you were supposed to be looking for something. Rings, maybe? And you would run into enemies as you went deeper into the ground. And there was something about a blue genie-ish creature/character, I’m pretty sure. Sorry for lack of memory! This has been bugging me for ages. Does anybody know what I’m talking about?

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OHMYGOSH. I know what you’re talking about but I totally forgot the name! I’ll definitely look for it!

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Gnome Mountain, maybe?

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Clicking away, but it isn’t any of those. Sorry! I’ll keep digging, myself.

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Was this a text game done in basic or a later game with graphics?

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Diggles? If so, I’ve had this game on my mind for a while too and couldn’t remember the name!

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I think I know what game you want, I am looking for the same one, but so far without results :(. I had this very old puzzle/strategy game about some dwarves that moved underground because of some disaster. And it was up to you to build their community under the ground by planting food, build houses, make storages and stuff like that, and to dig trough the underground to make more space and to get these puzzles. You needed to solve this puzzles to get a piece of an altar or something like that, and if you had completed the altar (after about a 100 puzzles) your dwarves where able to go back to the surface. Unfortunatly I lost that game, and I can’t recall the name of that game. And was the blue guy not the wizard who put them under the ground?

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Moonya – Yes! I am also looking for that game. I remember that they had a river of beer on the surface. I have been searching everywhere for it but no luck. I wish I remembered the name :(

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the name of this game is diggles

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nope, not diggles. It was a 2D game from around 1997–1998

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Please can someone figure out the name of this game, I’d really like to know. From what I remember the dwarves had white hair and beards and you had to build bridges and ladders to make your way around in the caves. I downloaded it from a long time ago but since the website is down now I can no longer find the name of the game.

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I think the game you mean is called Caveland. I’ve been looking for it for ages too and today Osiris over on the found it for me!

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That’s it! Thanks a lot man!

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