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How does Netflix charge you when you upgrade?

Asked by Russter (242points) March 23rd, 2011

So when you upgrade a Netflix subscription, how does Netflix charge you? Do they charge you a prorated amount? For example, I upgrade to a new subscription from a lower subscription on April 15, do they charge me for half the amount for the rest of the month for upgrading? Or do they just start charging me more the next month? How does that work?

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I just tried to upgrade. It’s prorated based on your billing cycle. I think it goes on your next bill, so your next bill would be 1 month plus a fraction.

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Yeah, it’s prorated from the time you upgrade.

I can’t recall if it’s a separate bill or just rolled into your next one, but I think @kevbo‘s right.

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When you upgraded they should have sent you an email explaining the process telling you when they’ll charge you for the upgrade. You can also check your billing history. Look for ‘prorated charges’.

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