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What's the most creative way you've ever been asked to dance or asked someone to a dance?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) March 23rd, 2011

I only ask ‘cause I’m asking someone tomorrow with what (I hope) is a pretty good method.

What was your method? Or what method was used on you? Oh, and of course, what was your/their answer? ;]

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“Would you like to dance?” or “Let’s dance!” Depending on the relationship. They work, but not all the time. I don’t really know how creative you can get without looking like you’re trying too hard.

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Give her a nice compliment first. Don’t just jump right in and ask. Chat her up for a short minute. Tell her how pretty she looks. Then smile that great smile you have and tell her you have a new dance move you wanted to try out at the dance and would she be interested in going with you to the dance to rank it for you. Smile and say, seriously, I would really love for you to go to the dance with me. Sorta cushion it with a little humor, but quickly let her know you are serious about asking her out. If she says no, which she won’t, just say okay, I understand. There will be a million more dances.

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This might be slightly off topic but I was once asked to dance at a pizza place while waiting for a pizza. A good friend and I had an order pending pickup. Unfortunately the pizza place was running behind. We were waiting as patiently as two starving 20yr olds could but our stomachs were growling. Bored and hungry, my friend threw a couple of bucks in the jukebox in the corner, walked back to me and said “Screw this…let’s dance!”. So we danced until our order was ready.

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I went up to a woman and said “Would you like to dance?” and when she said she would I, would I” I said “Club foot Club foot”. Not really but that is the joke about a man with a wooden eye asking a club foot girl out for a dance.

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Once I requested this and when it came on, I pointed to the girl I liked and did a “come hither” gesture while dancing away from her. I was pretty dorky in high school. It’s a good thing she already liked me, or I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have worked. :D Good luck with tomorrow!

Edit: We were already at the dance when this went down.

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The way he asked me wasn’t creative but his reaction was kind of funny.
When I stood up,I towered over him and that is when he scampered off like a frightened squirrel….ah,the dance that never was….. XD

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Depends on the situation. :) There is not good method. If the gal is in for a dance, she will accept no matter how you ask. You shouldn’t jump the gun, take it slow. [yet, not too slow, since someone else might ask her]

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@Haleth I just gotta say, high five for that. I admire your guts, and I wish a guy would be comfortable enough to do something that funny/cool while I’m around. :)

To actually answer the question, I’ve never been asked in a creative way. However, a strategy I once employed was to challenge someone to a silly dance-off when there was a fast song going, and then when it conveniently switched to a slow song, I asked him if he would want to dance with me for that one, too. That worked out pretty well for me, but you want to make sure that you do this casually and in a non-creepy way. Have fun!!

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So, please tell us how it turned out @Joker94 !

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@bkcunningham Well, she’s very into theater so I wrote a short scene and acted like I was practicing it. I asked her to read for a part, and wrote my last line as me announcing her name, and asking her to prom.

And she said yes ;]

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Bravo! That is fantastic! That made my night much happier. That was a better way than any of us suggested.

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Thank you! :D And you guys had good ideas :p

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