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What just happened? Did the awards machine just hit the jackpot?

Asked by Jeruba (45815points) March 24th, 2011

All of a sudden the community feed is spewing awards notices for events that are months past: lurve milestones, for example. Did the dam just break?

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The same happened to me. And I had 6 people re-congratulate me on my 30K win even though they did it when it happened too. Weird.

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I was noticing something odd happened, too!
When I entered Fluther this afternoon rather than going to the main home page it went to a page listing a bunch of awards..

And in the Community Feed there are listed a ton of folks (plus a link for another 56 award events) who’ve reached over 20K Lurve.

So…seems like Admins have done something related to awards to the site today…

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Ah..wait.. see this
Hawaii Jake noticed it too…

And see this where the Admin folks explain they fixed the awards…

Mystery solved.

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Thank you! I looked first at Meta but didn’t see it.

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Yep, awards a finally fixed. Yay!

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You can thank me later.

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I thought something was up when I logged in and got like thirty million awards I’d been waiting for.

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