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Anyone know what the three silver Fluther awards are for?

Asked by erichw1504 (26391points) October 29th, 2009

See all Fluther awards here:

The three silver ones are
– Pilgrim: I’d tell you, but the CIA will [REDACTED].
– Old-timer: If I told you, I’d have to kill you.
– Robot Crush: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…

What are they and how do you get them?!

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I’m going to guess the Pilgrim one has something to do with the CIA thread.

no clue on the other two.

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It’s a secret

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[mod says:] If anyone wants to tell the asker how to get them (even though that’s really no fun) please do so via PM so other people can still figure it out for themselves if they want to.

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@J0E Wow, you must be a detective!

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Look at the “Siblings” links to the right of this question.

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Removed by the CIA. There’s nothing to see here, move along folks.

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They are for being a good Fluthernutter.

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Fluther me this, Fluther me that. Something wicked this way comes and I think it’s a moderator. I saw a glint of silver but it wasn’t an award and it had a sharpened edge. I’m in grave danger and my time here is short. Save yourselves while you still can and I’ll see you all on the other side.

Response moderated
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????????? hmmmmm

Response moderated
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I’d tell you, but the MOD will [MOD] me.

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darn, it looks like the mod got here before me?!!! I want to find “Robot Crush” and I can’t figure it out?!!! If I find it do I have to post something???

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I just got Pilgrim. But still no clue as to the others.

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I’m tempted to post someting on every old and ancient star wars related question in the search engine!!”

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I have figured out Pilgrim, but can’t tell!

it’ll be modded

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Removed by the CIA the Homeland Security Czar. There’s nothing to see here, move along folks.

And anyway, xxx x xxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxx Xxxxxxx because it is safer not to know that xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx.

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Really it s xxx-x-xxxxxxxx

I thought it was xx-x-xxxxxxxxxx

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The Old-timer award xxxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxx when you xxxx-x and x.

Response moderated
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Will someone PM me what Robot Crush is? I’m no fun. I’m tired of trying to guess. Please!?

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PM me on Old-timer and Robot Crush!

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Yeah, sign me up for that, too.. my brain hurts.

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PM me robot crush and old timer

Response moderated
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Isn’t Old Timer a bit obvious? Hint hint, look at the profiles of the people who have it.

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I still want to know what a robot crush is. It makes me feel out of place.

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It is when you like a robot but they do not know or like you that way

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Damn, they actually removed my comment.

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noʎ ʇǝb 11ıʍ ʎǝɥʇ ...ʞsɐ noʎ ʇɐɥʍ 1nɟǝɹɐɔ ǝq

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(@Allie tol a sknaht) !niaga dexaw selcitset ym tnaw ton od eno rof I dna…su no slautir driew rieht rmofrep dna no hctac lliw sdom eht esiwrehto edoc ni tuo sgniht eseht etirw ot evah uoy

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@Dr_C please tell me you didn’t do all that by hand…

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@patg7590 it´s a lot simpler than it seems

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@Dr_C i’ll take your word for it lol

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.it esrever neht ,sdrawrof yas ot gniog m’I tahw tuo epyt yllacipyt I .sdrawkcab epyt ot ysae etiuq yllautca s’ti ecitcarp elttil a retfa ,haeY

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Watch out for the MOD Squad
They’ve even got their own theme song!

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