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Does anyone have "Fluther Goodies"?

Asked by Plucky (10282points) March 24th, 2011

Just curious how popular the Fluther Goodies are know, the Fluther t-shirts, mugs, keychains, etc. I always see the ad in the bottom right.
Are you a Fluther Goodie Lurver?

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Nope. I have none of it.

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I have a Fluther t-shirt. Once when I wore it out a girl (not a young girl, my age or a few years older maybe) told me it was “really cute.” I said thanks, sincerely, and smiled. Then she asked, “Is it an octopus?” My smile vanished and I replied, “No…. OCTopuses have eight arms.”

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Lol @Allie…if anything, I’d get the t-shirt.

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I have a Fluther T-Shirt and I took a Fluther sticker and made it into a Fluther magnet.

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I have a tee and sticker, my girls each got a keychain and sticker.

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You just gave me an idea…I might make my own embroidered fluther t-shirt! thanks!

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@ladymia69 Post pics if you do!

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Just the turkey turd colored tee shirt.

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Oh, I forgot. I’ve also got a round Fluther sticker. It’s stuck on my netbook.

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I have the original brown t-shirt with the green jelly. The fabric is nice, and the t gets compliments when I wear it.

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I have an original oval sticker (placed nicely on the back of my car) courtesy of Evelyns_Pet_Zebra.

I have yet to go to the new online store though. Hmmm…think I’ll do that tomorrow!!

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Not yet, but I daydream about a Fluther merchandise shopping spree. One day.

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Got the t-shirt for Mother’s Day one year from one of my sons.

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Still planning on getting me a coffee mug. Dr J forgot to send me one for my birthday shame on you, Dr J! so I guess I’ll order it myself. <sigh>

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I have the Zebra made sticker too. It was on my husband’s forehead one evening, but I rescued it and have it in hiding now.

I’d love to get a hoodie though. =)

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No. I’m not into tourist items. lol

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I have a perfect copy of the sticker that travels with me. The original I am proud to say is in the custody of another Jelly.

I also have a shirt that I wear. :)

A year or so ago I sent keychains to the founders with Dr.J on them (I had prior permission to have them made :D)

I would love to see a photo spread “The many faces of Dr.J” showing him in his different costumes and attire. I could see an Andy Warhol tee shirt…

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Ooo @Dog ..the many faces of Dr.J would be cool.

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It would wouldn’t it??


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I have a pair of panties with Dr J on them. Don’t know where they came from.

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So that’s where I left ‘em!

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@JilltheTooth “Oooh myyyy!” Spoken in Georgie Takei voice.

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@erichw1504 : you too cute… ;-)

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@JilltheTooth that’s how I roll.

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You two should get a room and argue over who keeps the panties. Videotape it please.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I don’t know, my kitty cat isn’t very fond of doggies.

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