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More graphics trouble?

Asked by filmfann (52154points) May 7th, 2023

I am not seeing a lot of the Fluther graphics on my Amazon Fire.
Anyone else?

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I’m good on this end.

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My cell phone seems okay.

My desktop is no bueno.

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All my graphics except Dr Jelly has been missing for most of the last week. Everything else seems to remain the same. I’m on a laptop with Win11.

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Laptop is not happy, Firefox Macbook Pro.

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My iPad mini seems fine.

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How odd. I think I’ve had a small graphics problem or any problem once… 1½ – 2 years ago.

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Monday MAY 8, 2023 11;59 am EST

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Everything is fine on my Android tablet at home, and it’s also fine on my desktop at work running Windows 10 using a Chrome browser.

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Monday, 05/08/2023 – Mine was still out early this morning, but is back to normal as of 5:00pm this afternoon.

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