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Have you seen the new Fluther merchandise store?

Asked by augustlan (47679points) December 15th, 2010

Many of you have begged pleaded asked for different options in Fluther t-shirts, and additional merchandise to choose from. Well, here is our gift to you!

Please let us know what you think. :)

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Dayyaaam! Who modeled the first shirt?
Is that @Blackberry? Hubba hubba, noms. XD

Everything looks goooood. :]

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Now you use brown people to model the formally brown shirt :-)

JLeslie's avatar

Looks great. Why do you say gift? Can we get them for free?

YARNLADY's avatar

* * * Y A Y * * *

augustlan's avatar

@JLeslie I wish! No, just that we finally got around to doing it. :)

Pied_Pfeffer's avatar

@augustlan Thanks so much for all of the time and effort you put into arranging this! The site has so many colors and styles of shirts to choose from that it will be hard to decide which one to get.

SuperMouse's avatar

That is totally awesome! I want a key chain, and a magnet, and a hoddie, and a coffee cup!

chyna's avatar

Please get a key chain @SuperMouse, that way maybe you can keep track of your keys!

Fred931's avatar

Holy fuck, there are stickers. “The horror…”

aprilsimnel's avatar

Baby doll Ts FTW! And mugs!

JilltheTooth's avatar

COFFEE MUGS! There are COFFEE MUGS! I want all the COFFEE MUGS! Did I mention I collect coffee mugs? LURVELURVELURVE!!!

shrubbery's avatar

There go all my savings for uni.


Eggie's avatar

When are you guys start selling phones?

Kayak8's avatar

I just can’t wait for the day I am walking down the street and spot another Jelly. What a hoot to guess which of you it might be . . .?

JilltheTooth's avatar

@Kayak8 : I’ll be the one with the Dr J coffee mug surgically attached to my mitt….

Kayak8's avatar

@JilltheTooth I had already rather pictured that . . . although in my vision it was velcro to facilitate an easy re-fill!

JilltheTooth's avatar

When i bond, I bond for life. It will probably impair my fine motor skills a bit, small sacrifice for love…

AstroChuck's avatar

Where’s the AstroChuck teeshirt?

Jude's avatar

I want a mug, stickers and a jelly t (destroyed). :)

syz's avatar

Can I have the guy with the great chest?

Jude's avatar

I’ll take the lady (first row, to the right), please ‘n thanks.

Seelix's avatar

Woot woot – girly shirts! I’d looked at the t-shirt before, but I’m not a fan of wearing t-shirts made for guys (or “unisex”) – a larger chest and smaller waist just don’t fit so well in ‘em. Good on you guys!

Eggie's avatar

the polo shirt looks really cool.

JilltheTooth's avatar

I’d order the coffee mug right now but I should probably wait til the 26th… ;-)

gailcalled's avatar

Milo here: Not bad, but there’s nothing in my size. (l2 lbs., 15” waist, 15” hips, hole for tail).

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

Ooh, I want to shop. This is awesome.

Dog's avatar

Auggie you ROCK!

MyNewtBoobs's avatar

I LOVE that you guys included the cheap stuff, like magnets and stickers. And the non-wearable stuff (I never wear shirts with logos/words/bands on them, nor am I a baseball cap kinda gal, so it makes it hard for me to support things when I would never, ever get any use out of the merchandise).

marinelife's avatar

Thanks for the wide selection!

Dog's avatar

~ What no postage stamps? Hear that @AstroChuck?

chyna's avatar

@JilltheTooth I love how you are not hinting to KatawaGrey for a coffee mug for a present.
Great selection, but no dog clothes, yet.

Dog's avatar

~I want a dog shirt… :)

Vunessuh's avatar

I want a jellyfish holding a spatula shirt. Thanks.

Dog's avatar

@Vunessuh funny! I can totally see that!

Vunessuh's avatar

@Dog Well dawg, you da baws! Make it happen! XD

Dog's avatar

@Vunessuh I am spam hound. @augustlan is our fearless leader. :)

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I like how you can click on the photos of the models wearing the shirts, zoom in and move around, then remove the girl’s shirt and bra. Cool gimmick. Better than the airport.

augustlan's avatar

To give credit where credit is due, I just started the process and set up a bare bones beginning… Ben polished it all up and really made it sing!

Berserker's avatar

Dude, hoodies! I’m getting one.

Kayak8's avatar

I can’t wait for the jelly earrings!

Dog's avatar

Three cheers for Ben!!!

Neizvestnaya's avatar

Any chance of long sleeved tees?

Blueroses's avatar

Love the hoodie!

seazen's avatar

Did someone say Hooter’s? Damn, now I have boobs on my mind again.

Berserker's avatar

@seazen When don’t you? :p :D

seazen's avatar

True dat.

Oh, they wrote hoodies. I need glasses.

AstroChuck's avatar

No, really. Where’s my tee?

augustlan's avatar

@Neizvestnaya If you click on any tee, you’ll see a “see all” link by the ‘choose your style and color’ area. From there, you can actually choose any tee you like (including long sleeved ones). The prices will adjust automatically, based on whatever you choose.

@AstroChuck Here you go!—You can actually make this tee, by clicking on “customize” after you’ve chosen a shirt.


Dog's avatar

Ha ha ha! @AstroChuck make one with your reindeer avatar too!

JilltheTooth's avatar

@Dog : Shouldn’t that be “Rain Man” avatar? <yuk yuk yuk>

cookieman's avatar

I didn’t know @AstroChuck was black.

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