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How to punctuate YOUR NAME HERE?

Asked by Link (327points) March 24th, 2011

In the following sentence how should I punctuate the “YOUR NAME HERE” part? Should YOUR NAME HERE be in all caps?

You can call it the leaning tower of YOUR NAME HERE.

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No caps unless you are using a proper noun, which I am.

“You can call it The Leaning Tower of Milo Calder.

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I would leave your sentence as is, but personally, I’d capitalize “leaning tower” and put square brackets in there.

You can call it the Leaning Tower of [YOUR NAME HERE].

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I usually use an underline and fill it in with Your Name Here.

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<<Your name here>>

or my preference is..

Your Name HERE Dammit!*

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I agree with @Seelix that you need some brackets, but I wouldn’t necessarily capitalize it all:

You can call it the leaning tower of [Your name here]

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I read this post but just realized I forgot to thank everyone for their input. So, thanks everyone! I’m going to go with the Leaning Tower of [YOUR NAME HERE].

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