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What's on your list?

Asked by harple (10441points) March 27th, 2011

Here are some positive things I’ve done this week:

- I’ve booked a holiday with a group of buddies to the north of Scotland
– I’ve taken up the ukulele Yes, that really is me – eek! Watch at your own peril!

Here is something I thought about doing but then thought better of:

- Booking a one-way ticket to Austin, Texas

Here are some positives I have coming up in the week ahead:

- I’m moving house this week, into a shared house that will a) give me company (AND she has cats, yay!) and b) almost halve my monthly outgoings
– I get paid on Thursday

What would be on your list?

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Something positive this week-
– I helped a friend feel better during a rough time.
Something that I thought about doing but thought better of-
– Skipping musical rehearsal. (spending two hours a day at school after it ends trying to learn a dance for four out of five days a week is extremely tiring)
Something positive for next week-
– I get my allowance. well, I’m supposed to anyway.

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Positive things I’ve done this week:

I took a step toward walking better.
I took a walk.
I did two free leance projects (so money earned).

Something that I thought about doing but thought better of.
Almost put off my project to walk better, but didn’t.

Something positive for next week:
I have another free lance project (unexpected).

@Harple Very brave to record your ukulele playing! Nice job.

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1. Visit my mother-in-law in the hospital, bring her home when she’s discharged.
2. Finish installing the upper cabinets in the kitchen.
3. Finish installing the new dishwasher.
4. Finish enclosing the storage room.
5. Send in my latest order for silver coins.
6. Do more research on generators.
7. Buy a kitchen table and chairs.
8. Finish pricing a new roof.
9. Continue shopping for bulk foods.

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Something positive I’ve done this week:

I brought my horrible grade in Geometry up to an acceptable one.
I started to put together a script about the JFK Assassination conspiracy for a huge school project.

Got my ticket to see Panic! At the Disco.

Something that I thought about doing but thought better of:

Lying to my teacher to get a better grade, but deciding against it.

Something positive for next week:

The band I’m in will be getting together again, and we may finally have a name.

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Positive things I did this week:
Helped the neighbours snow shovel
Volunteered to look after their sick little ‘un
Designed some tshirts for a charity
Brought over some epsom salts and nice smelling bath oils in salt to an ailing neighbour
Paid a pile of bills after getting paid for a large wholesale order.

Something that I thought about doing but thought better of:
Putting off paying bills..
Catching up on housework.

Something positive about next week
Create some new products for the shop
Spend some quality time with hubby now that he’s home after 16 days away, until he has to leave again.

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I caught up on all my late property and car taxes,
I reregistered my car yup, late, but I got it done!
Had a great time with my daughter celebrating my birthday

Something I decided not to do:
Battling horrific traffic to spend a couple of hours with people that I like, but will have another opportunity to see soon

Something for next week:
Reconnecting with some friends I haven’t seen in a while.

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I had a man come to look at my floor. The laminate has seperated in about 5 places and he’s going to fix it this week.
I decided not to buy new curtains and bought a subscription to a canadian gardening
magazine.—we are still under 3 feet of snow, I need comfort—
Next week I have banking, getting a car battery from a friend, and going to a Mexican dinner with friends. I just bought a very mayan dress on my last trip!!

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Positive things I did this week:
– Helped my Girl Scout troop complete their “chemo caps” (we’re sewing to donate to a local hospital)
– Collected and deposited in the bank accounts all the G.S. Cookie proceeds.
This one felt like finishing a marathon! $10K accounted for, properly endorsed and deposited—it took a TON of time to count the piles of cash (156 one dollar bills, 31 tens.. 89 twenties…) update the bookkeeping, fill out the 25+ deposit slips and endorse the heaps of checks.
– Followed up with our accountant to see why we’ve not received our tax refund. Long story – big mess (not our fault) and we’re chasing it down to finally get our federal filing sorted.

Something that I thought about doing but thought better of:
– I resisted the urge to say “I told you so” to my husband in regards to the cause of our missing tax refund.

Something positive about next (this?) week
– Fingers crossed for a positive work trip this week (wish me luck, please)
– Much needed Pay Day coming this week

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I played ukulele professionally. Need any pointers? (There, that’s a good deed for the week :-) )

I thought better of lying about being sick and went to work and gave all of 100%, as usual.

Positive for the upcoming week is I get to give 100% for all the hours I am allowed to work and help the company succeed in any way I could.

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Here are some positive things I’ve done this week:

-I finished my rough draft manuscript of my very first novel!
-I continued my ongoing re-connection adventure with my long lost best friend.

Here is something I thought about doing but then thought better of:

-Not sure what to put here.

Here are some positives I have coming up in the week ahead:

-Editing my novel.
-School will be one week closer to ending.

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Great job on the ukulele! I enjoyed the video!

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1. Install new garage door opener.
2. Reserve Bed and Breakfast in Cape May, N.J.
3. Book reservations for Thanksgiving family cruise.

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Thanks all! @12Oaks I had no idea, in what capacity was that?

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Nice work on your rough draft – keep going!!

@JilltheTooth Ooh, a belated happy birthday!

I’m impressed at what everyone on here does, and on how we manage to think better of some things and crack on – ain’t we good?! :-)

@cazzie your avatar reminds me of the film kiwi

@marinelife Nice one on the walk…

@Joker94 Good luck with the band!

@faye I hope your floor get’s sorted soon

@geeky_mama Good luck!!!!!!!

@laineybug nice work with your friend!

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I played ukulele in a polka band as my main instrument (we all played more than one instrument for showmanship purposes only). I can’t help but notice you have a baritone uke there that you capo halfway up the neck. Might I suggest you get a traditional sopprano ukulekle, which will get you more or the effect you seem to be looking for. It is tuned differently than a traditional stringed instrument, but once you get used to it it’s really a fun instrument, however limited, to play. You could pick up a nice starter ukulele from a music store for around $30.00. is a good resource place to start, and the store name is a delightful joke about the playing of the ukulele.

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**Here are some positive things I’ve done this week:**
-Exercised at least a little every day.
-Lost a pound by eating right and exercising, as mentioned.
-Aced a test.

**Here is something I thought about doing but then thought better of:**
-Telling a coworker of mine how I really feel about her and her bad attitude towards me lately. (Sometimes it’s better not to stir the pot.)

**Here are some positives I have coming up in the week ahead:**
-I get paid on Wednesday.
....It’s so sad that getting paid is the only thing I have to look forward to.

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@12Oaks thanks! I already have one, it just happens that that song was better up there, but most of what I do is down in the G tuning! I also like the bigger resonance I get with the tenor. Thanks though! Sounds like you had a lot of fun :-)

@lbwhite89 Ah, why not treat yourself to something indulgent with a small amount of it so that you can look forward to that? Like a Starbucks or something?! :-)

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@Joker94 you’re in geometry? So am I. I’m glad you got your grade up. My dad always tells me I need to get my grade up even though it’s never been worse than a B.

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