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Anyone invented a time machine yet?

Asked by Soubresaut (12802points) October 31st, 2010

Have you ever just wanted to be in some other time of your life? (In your past or in your future: not your present) ... What have you done?

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I gotch’er back, Uncle Rico ;)

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If they ever had, in the future, I don’t think they’ve sent it back here.

Or was it a time machine that brought you back here just now? You’ve been gone a long while. Welcome back.

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Somewhen, it would seem.
On the other hand, one of the prevailing time travel theories holds that there can be no time travel in periods prior to the development of the time machine, or at least the operating phenomena.

There have been a number of machines invented, all of which have amongst their lesser functions a tendency to advance through time at a constant rate of 60sec/min.

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Yes, it is very interesting that we hardly ever notice the changes when our timeline changes. I get a headache now and then, and sometimes feel nauseous, but for the most part I barely feel it.

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@YARNLADY That’s because you are weak. XD

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@Nullo No, just sensitive

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I invented a time machine. I can only get it to go forward in normal time though….

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The snooze button on my alarm clock allows me to travel 6 minutes forward in time instantly.

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Yeah, the wife has. She likes to call it an oven. Her cooking is years ahead of it’s time. We’ll all be eating food that’s been welded & scorched to death in the near future, mark my words!! :¬)

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Yes. It’s called a telescope.

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I wish. I’d like to rewind my life a little bit.

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Only in my mind….

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There are things in the works, that might turn out to be one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. It might or might not happen. I could jump ahead to see if it has happened, but then I’d miss the trip, and the trip is part of what I like. When I’ve got uncertainty and I really want something, feeling the anxiety is a kind of fuel for my life. I don’t want to give that up.

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I have never really cared for going into the future. I used to always wish I could go back in the past to a time with my Dad. A time when it didn’t matter what happened as long as he was there and I could hug him. Now I don’t pay attention to that. I focus on the present and pay attention to what I have. No point in dwelling in the past.

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Yep. It’s called

i’ve logged in to this place for what seems like a minute or two only to find that hours and sometimes an entire day have passed

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I see it as rather moot. My thoughts are that if time travel were possible then it would’ve already been done and we’d be living with the net sum of all of the temporal tinkering and wouldn’t know any better.

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It already exists.

Run away fast and when you come back you’re in the future while people standing still have aged faster.

Climb up a steep mountain, stay for a while and when you go back down you notice how quickly you got old, while people in the valley have aged more slowly.

Of course we are talking fractions of nanoseconds here.

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I keep working on it. When we were young teenagers (in the early 70’s) my sisters and I started a note that we kept adding to for several years, like, passing around a note in class. After we all grew up and moved away we kept the note going….at least until in our 20’s….it seems like I was the last one to get the note (in the mail)....I was responsible for adding to it and sending it on. But…I think I lost it or something. That bothers me to this day.

I have a diary that I began when my daughter, Corrie, was born, in 1987. It chronicles 20 years of Family stuff. Every so often I’ll read through it, and I’ll find notes in it surrounding some “serious situation,” something I was REALLY worried about in, say 1989. The note will say, “Hey Val, 10 years from now! How did all this turn out??!!” And, you know…1999 comes, I’m looking through the diary, and I’ll laugh back at myself and mark in, “Well, it wasn’t as bad as ‘we’ thought it was!” and detail how it all turned out. And….in 2009 I saw that entry again, which was begun in 1989, and make another notation. So, yeah. That’s my Time Machine.

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I wish I could go back to age 5 and sing Happy Birthday to my great-grandpa in Swedish, now that I learned it. Ja ma han leva, Ja ma han leva, Ja ma han leva uti hundrade ar.

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