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Do you constantly think/worry about what "was", "what is" or "what will be?"?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21750points) January 15th, 2014

Are you the kind that lives in the past, lives for the present or sits dreading the future? Or do you pore over “what could have been?”
Do you live and enjoy the present or is it a bit of a combo?

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I used to, but I have worked very hard to spend my time in the present.

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The past is gone. Dwelling on it, especially if it was unpleasant, is unhealthy and a good way to waste…

The present. Which is a mistake since the present is the only opportunity to influence…

The future.

Pretty simple stuff if you ask me.

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Very poetic @josie !

Also, I’m a new father. My son will be 2 in April. I’m working very hard at “What will be..” because that sort of stress is all too unhealthy it can consume you and if ones goals are unrealistic and not written down in steps it can bleed into other aspects of ones life.

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I live in the present and on the edge of future. haha
I let go, move on, easily and am not overly sentimental about the past but always looking at the big picture which extends into the future.

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I think we all dabble to some extent in all 3. It only becomes unhealthy if it starts to effect your life by worrying to much.
I don’t forget the past. If you do, you are usually doom to repeat it.
I can help but think of the present. You are in it. And I am not a mindless drone. Though true there are days when I can do stuff without giving it any thought.
I only think in the future in short terms. Somethings, may be long term. Like planning our retirement and making sure we will be secure in the near future, and paying off the home sooner than later. Some plans take a long time to reach your goal. So you have to plan ahead or you are screwed when you get there. But it is a day by day thing that only gets attention when it needs to be done.

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I live mostly in the present but also look to the future. But I do so with hope, not dread.

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I go through months where I worry about the past and the future, and then I go through months or even years of living in the now and not worrying much at all. It depends what is going on in my life. Big changes tend to increase my anxiety and worry about these sorts of things.

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All of the above.

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I too prefer to live in the present. Our past is not meant for worrying, we must try to learn from our past rather than thinking about it over and over again and drudging up associated negative emotions. Similarly we don’t know what our future holds. No matter how much ever we think and worry about our future it’s something beyond our control and will probably not turn out the way we think. So it’s better to plan for the future rather than worrying about it.

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What would the present be without a past to remember and a future to look forward to? The past and the future live in the present moment and give meaning to it.

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If I do what I am supposed to do than I have nothing to worry about.

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The past, the present and the future all exist in the same minute.

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All three shape who we are, but if we dwell excessively on any of them it will mess with our lives as we go forward.

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Not constantly, but often. Elephants have long memories.

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Ever since a friend’s daughter died suddenly and unexpectedly, there is a little part of my brain that reminds me that today could be the last day I spend with my daughter. I don’t obsess or dwell on it, but I think about it from time to time. I think it makes me appreciate her more.

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Yeah, I’m just going to let life put me in the direction it wants to go and stop resisting lol.

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Sometimes I think about being old and how to take myself out before I hurt too bad or get senile, other than that I try to live in the now.

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I try to keep a balance between them. It’s hard sometimes, expecially when my automatic photo revolver shows pictures of the kids when they were little. I miss my babies, yet I often think of what their futures will be.

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What is. I’ve never been one for regrets or living in the past, and tomorrow may never come.

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What will be and all the time. More thinking than worry though.

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