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Does anyone play any instruments?

Asked by yankeetooter (9651points) March 28th, 2011

If so, which one(s)? You can count singing if you sing…

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I play the flute, guitar, drums, and bass guitar

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Nice…I forgot to tell mine. I play the piano, the organ, and a little bit guitar…I also sing.

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i cant sing at all

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That’s okay-not everyone can…:). At least you’re not one of those people who think they can sing and go on American Idol and make a fool of themselves…

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I used to play the piano and trumpet, but I have not done either in years.

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haha :D i dont understand why those people think they are good. How can there friends and family not tell they are nad and let them embarace themsleves. It doesn’t make sense!

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I just started violin lessons. I taught myself to play piano, and I had four years of flute lessons when I was in grade school.

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Learning the Ukulele – use to play guitar, electric bass, upright bass, violin and drums.

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I play the viola and have played it for almost 18 years.
I used to play the piano until I was about 16, but found it difficult as I have such small hands!

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@Tropical_Willie : Used to? Why did you stop?

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I can sing most definately…. and can also play the keyboard and the Harmonica to some extent : )

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@yankeetooter Sold electric bass and guitar forty years ago. Used the upright to pay for electric bass. Drums were always some one else’s.

Ukulele is first instrument I’ve bought in forty years. Just bought it a month ago while in Hawaii, locally made on Kauai.

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I sing, play guitar, bass and a little saxophone.

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Banjo, piano, ukulele, guitar in descending order of skill. And I sing quite badly, but what I lack in talent I make up in volume.

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Oboe and piano, and a teeny tiny bit of alto saxophone. I pretend to be able to sing!

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Guitar (classical, rock, blues, pop, doo wop, and a little flamenco), bass, tuba, trombone, a little mandolin, pretty much anything with strings, really, and a tiny, tiny bit of fiddle, of course.

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Self taught on Piano, and I really stink!

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Aw…keep trying @filmfann !

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Hand me an instrument, any instrument, and I could start making music within minutes. I did play ukulele keyboards and trumpet in a polka band and play piano at a hotel bar now on weekends. Doing stuff with guitar as a side hobby now.

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I play synthesizer for an indoor drumline, I also play alto sax for a jazz band, I also play clarinet in a concert band. I can also play soprano recorder (and not just hot-crossed-buns), sopranino recorder (even smaller and squeakier), alto recorder, piano, marimba, and trumpet. I can also sing.

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Only the meat flute. I can’t find a band that needs a player so I free lance.

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Piano. I studied classical guitar for a year and the violin for six weeks. I had the athleticism but not the pitch. The guitar had frets at least.

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I sing, and I’ve been playing piano for a long while. I’m trying to pick up bass guitar for a band I’m trying to cobble together.

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Ukulele, Guitar, Trumpet, and trying to learn Harmonica :)

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I’ve played the piano for many years and I play for church. I also sing. Absolutely love singing. Trying to learn guitar, but finding it difficult for some reason.

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Music is my forte (the pun was sort-of intended).
I started off with the piano. I play saxphone, guitar, mallet percussion, tympani, recorder, violin (though I have not kept up with violin).
[Edit]: and some clarinet.

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I play clarinet in my school band (this is my fifth year playing) and I can sing.

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Back in the day I was first chair alto sax and clarinet. Now my instruments collect dust. at least I still have them though

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@jonsblond It makes me sad when I hear how people don’t play their particular instrument any more. Why do people stop? Do they just not have the time? Or the opportunity? I’m glad that I sub as an organist, because I’m so busy that the same thing would probably happen to me…

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@jonsblond First chair clarinet here as well! Those were good times haha. I also play the piano and acoustic/electric guitar regularly. And since voices count I think I can carry a tune fairly well. I was in chamber choir during high school if that counts for anything.

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@tigerlilly2 Of course it counts. I still sing in my church choir, and that is one of my favorite parts of the week. Singing…well, one just can’t be down while doing it. I don’t know if it’s a psychological thing or a physiological thing (since one is breathing better, etc.) but nothing quite lifts my spirits like singing…

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Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, drums, guitar, harmonica…

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@blueiiznh : Organ? Do you play for a church?

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@yankeetooter i played for church as a kid.

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@blueiiznh : But you haven’t played since?

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@yankeetooter i play all the time, but not for church

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@blueiiznh : Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, lol! It’s just that normally, when you hear someone plays the organ, you think of church services. It’s good that you’re continuing to play, though…It’s a shame to waste an acquired talent.

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Guitar, well perhaps “play” is not quite the word i’d use…....a more accurate descriptive would be that it sounds like two ton Tessie’s knicker elastic just twanged.Keeps me entertained anyway.

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I play the violin

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MIlo here: I can almost tune the orchestra. My meow is a perfect F# (or is it G?).

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That’s cool how you tested what key your cat meows in. I am going to go test my cat to see wat key she meows in…..
Key of G and Ab (she meowed first at G and then did a glissando from Ab to G).
I wonder if it is always G…..I’ll have to experiment later.

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Cats with perfect pitch…Hey! Someone should write a musical starring cats…oh, that’s right…

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I play piano and clarinet :)
I can also play a little accordian, and have played an alto saxaphone before.

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@dxs: A♭is the same note as G#: and one note is not the same as a key. The key of G would have an F# rather than a G#.

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I really don’t know what you are saying with the whole Ab G# thing as it pertains to me (I said Ab to G not Ab to G#).
Anyways, I am aware that they are enharmonic.
When talking “key of G” its almost understood that I am talking about the base of the scale, G. I feel that you are being way too particular about these things. As one who is considering studying music for a career, I am personally a bit offended to have a technical quip addressed at me in that manner. To avoid any more negative vibes, I’ll end my comment here.
[Edit]: I just tested her now and she meowed in D.

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@dxs: What does Ab mean musically?
In the 13 years that I studied the piano, I never learned that particular term.

And is “almost understood” meaningful?

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Ab is the way you type out “A-flat”. I think maybe the word “always” was left out, as in “almost always understood.” Don’t be a nitpicker, @gailcalled , lol!

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what @yankeetooter said. Thank you.

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A♭ (aka G#) is, therefore, incorrect? If I were looking for a music teacher, I would want accuracy and precision, but that’s just me.

D is low for a meow. But interesting.

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@gailcalled Most of us don’t know how to type in the symbol you used in the above post (or at least I don’t), but yes, that would be the more proper way to post it…

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@dxs You’re welcome…:)

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I agreed that they were enharmonic…

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@dxs: So, what scale does your dog howl in?

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If you two don’t stop (just kidding), I’m going to post my music joke and then you’ll both be sorry…

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What do you get when you drop a piano down a coal shaft?
Ab minor

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I won’t torment you with the bad one, but…

(And I don’t want to offend any sopranoes here, so please forgive in advance…)

Why did the soprano stay out in the rain so long?
Because she couldn’t find her key, and she didn’t know when to come in…

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@dxs Ha!

Can I post a bad music joke? :D

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I’m going to assume you meant me and go on with my nonsense. :D

An orchestra was performing Beethoven’s 9th symphany. If you’re familiar with that one, you know that the bass players rest for some sixty measures at the beginning before coming in, which gets very tedious. The bassists were bored out of their minds waiting and decided to kill some time by sneaking offstage over to a local bar to grab some drinks. After downing a few, one bassist checked his watch and said to the other, “Oh no, we only have 30 seconds left, we’re going to be late for our entry!” but the other assured him “Don’t worry, I tied down the last page of the conductor’s score – that’ll delay things long enough for us to sneak back.”
They tipsily made their way back on stage to find that the entire performance was held up as the conductor struggled to untie his score.
One audience member was confused, he leaned over to the guy next to him and asked, “What’s going on, here?”
His friend said, “It’s one high pressure situation, it’s the bottom of the Ninth, the score’s tied, and the bassists are loaded!”

(Yeah I know, I can hear your collective groans)

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Oops, but great joke @dxs !

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Sorry, @Mariah , go for it!

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trombone, flute and the oboe.

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If you struggle with guitar don’t watch this

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@filmfann, at first I was like this

But then, I was like this

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Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Percussion

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wow! lot’s of musicians here =) yap, i also play musical instruments – piano, guitar, flue [sometimes]

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@JBurns Is that a chimney flue? Welcome to Fluther!

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