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Is it disrespectful for a man to not wear his wedding ring? Does it necessarily mean he doesnt love his wife and is always looking to hook up?

Asked by acaulder (16points) April 18th, 2008 from iPhone
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I’m gonna go with no because I occasionaly forget to put mine back on (always take it off to put on or take off make up), so I forgive my husband if he forgets too
...besides, even without the ring, there’s still the tan line:)

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It depends on the intent of the person removing their ring. Taking it off to wash the dishes or take a shower wouldn’t be seen as disrespectful. Conveniently “forgetting” to put it back on before going out with the guys, however, might be a different story.

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My mom doesn’t wear hers on her finger, she wears it around her neck. She really doesn’t like rings and used to be a nurse and they’d make her take it off for work.

Maybe putting it on a chain he never takes off would work better if the whole ring thing bothers him.

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The commitment is in my heart, and my wife and I wear and not wear our rings whenever. My ring is heavy platinum, so I don’t always feel like wearing it…she doesn’t mind.

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My husband has eight, yes I said e i g h t wedding bands (long story) and I’m lucky if he remembers to wear one of them a couple of times a week. I find it hysterical and we joke about it a lot. I keeping teasing him that if he gets to have 8 wedding bands then I should have 8 wedding sets as well. Fortunately (or unfortunately) he did such a good job at picking out my wedding set that I’ve never found anything I like better. So, for me, its not disrespectful, but I agree that I might feel differently if I felt there was an ulterior motive behind it.

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@acaulder; check out your earlier question on divorce and flirting, please.

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Absolutely not! Because of my husband occupation, we agreed that it would be safer for him not to wear one. It never bothered me.
We were both secure in our marriage & with one another so I thought!
So, if the guy is going to cheat, he’s going to cheat! With or without a ring!

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Maybe we should TATOO “I’m Married” accross his forehead. What do you think ladies?

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Ring or no ring…He could hook up with or with out…The ring is a symbol of the commitment that was made when you all got hitched…As far as disrespectful…Hmmm Some guys could lose a finger with a ring on, depending on the line of work or hobbies they have… Plus some guys just don’t like to wear jewelery….

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I’m considering getting my ring tattooed on when I get married…

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Ring tattoos are never a good idea. They look like crap to be honest and they are very hard to tattoo regardless of the experience level. Back to the question, I think you should wear it. Have some dignity and respect for yourself and to the woman you married.

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I would say no. I think it really depends. If its ok with his wife and he has a reason besides he just doesnt wanna wear it. She should trust him and he should respect her trust by not taking advantages of It.

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BIGGG OPPSSSS!!!!!!!! That should be, EX-husband

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Lmao, if i were to get a ring tattoo, it’d be simple, and not all the way around.
I’m not That dumb.
I’d probably get a tiny magnolia or fishie or something on my ring finger.

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a magnolia would be perfect! As for the fishie, would that be a gold fish? LOL

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:) I agree. I’m not sure what kind of fishie. Probably a very colorful one.

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i don’t know i think i would be upset if my husband didn’t wear his ring

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Thanks for the replies. Ive been married ten years and after 6 months my hubby took his off. I recently stopped wearing mine and he hates it. I told him now u know how I feel.

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@acaulder: Good job communicating where you’re coming from. Now maybe look what’s in the way of completing the conversation.

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Q is to vague without knowing the details, so the short answer would be “no”.

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