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Why are they talking about exile for a murderer like Colonel Gadhafi?

Asked by josie (30931points) March 29th, 2011

Early in his term as dictator, he contracted for the murder of Libyans, some of them who were living in sovereign foreign countries. He has arranged for the murder of Americans and other nationals by various means including blowing up an airplane, and a nightclub.
Rather than run the risk that his own military might hesitate to kill Libyans, he hired African mercenaries to do the dirty work. Which they did.
Why exile? Why not trial?

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He seems right now to be so entrenched that he would rather go down in a hail of bullets than move away and lose all of what has made him who he is, and face some kind of murder trial that could drag on. Essentially he would have no power or protection if deposed so, the next best thing would be to leave an attractive opening for him to leave with some sort of dignity or whatever he calls dignity, ( and a whole lot of money to live the way he has been accustomed). But where?

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Exile, even for such a butcher, would be preferable to the carnage that it might take for the rebel forces to actually reach him and end it. I doubt he will leave willingly, though. He has displayed all the behaviors of a psychopathic cult leader like Jim Jones or David Koresh. When threatened with the loss of the ego sustaining worship of their sycophants, they prefer death for themselves and as many of their followers as possible to surrender even when surrender lets them live comfortably in exile.

The best case is one his close aides sees the handwriting on the wall and eliminates Qaddafi to save his own skin from the potential of prosecution in the International Court for crimes against humanity The more the coalition degrades Qaddafi’s military, the more his top officers and aides will realize they are being asked to run suicide missions to protect a madman whose fate is already sealed. And as that realization sinks in with his military, the likelihood of a military coup to end the systematic slaughter grows ever larger.

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Mubarak condoned murder too. He wouldn’t have left, if he had nothing to lose anyway. Sometimes making a deal with the devil can save a lot of lives.

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@mattbrowne Wasn’t talking about Mubarak, but include him in the question if you choose. The list is too long of people who avoid justice, to name them all in one question. Gadhafi is simple today’s news, hence the question.

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@josie – My answer was: for the same reason as Mubarak.

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