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Has anyone ever filed a class action claim or warranty claim against Certainteed Organic Shingles or Masonite Siding?

Asked by marialisa (464points) March 29th, 2011

I just found out today that I have junk roof shingles and among all the other home repair problems I’ve had in the last 3 years, I now have water leaking through my roof…:(. I also found out today that my Masonite siding is junk. No, I did not get a home inspection done when I bought the home 3 years ago.

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Roofing manufacturers are very anal about how to apply their product. It will say so on the bundle wrapper (that roofers never read). If the contractor who applied that roof did one tiny thing wrong, one tiny thing, the whole deal is off. Insurance adjusters are anal in the same way sometimes.
It is almost a certainty that you had a lame contractor. Siding does not leak, nope, can’t happen. A producer of building materials cannot be held accountable for actions done by third parties or any other party. If the material was applied incorrectly it is the fault of who ever did the work. Certanteed is a pretty reputable company. You need to get the guys who did the work if you can but that probably is impossible depepnding on who that was. It wasn’t you was it?

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I am aware of the class action lawsuit against Certainteed.
They did in fact produce a bad product with one (at least) of their shingle lines. I bought some of them for my garage, (thankfully I didn’t have them put on my house). If these are the shingles that you are talking about then no matter if they were correctly applied they did not hold up to anywhere near normal use. My roofer who is very reputable, and has always done my roofing work, told me about terrible problems that some folks had with the bad shingles. It was very obvious, by watching my garage roof deteriorate, that they were an inferior product.
I did not join the class action suit, I was negligent in following through with signing up for it. (Is there still time?) I have since replaced the bad roof with a better quality shingle. I think they might also be Certainteed, but I’m not sure.
I do not know about the Masonite Siding, what style/kind, is on your home?

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@wilma You still have time to file.
I will look up info. You dont get much refund back. 100 to 300 maybe.
I am not sure about the siding.

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