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Do you have a nickname from your SO? If so, what is it?

Asked by Jude (32112points) March 29th, 2011

Mine (from my girlfriend) “Pretty Blue Eyes”.

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Porknugget. Don’t ask me, I genuinely have no idea where it came from.

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I don’t have a boyfriend anymore, but my last one of nearly two years used to call me…phénomène de foire. Translates as ’‘circus freak’’ haha.

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His is Kittiboi. It’s a long story involving Goths and a hat with cat ears.

Actually, it’s not that long of a story, because that’s pretty much it.

His for me is “Moggy” .. from a mangling of “Morgan”. Also, because it means cat, so we’re a pair.

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She is “Ducky” and I’m “Prev”.

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@cprevite Did you mean Perv? :-)

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@chyna: No. No I did not Madame. ;^P

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No, but I give nicknames all the time to my wife just to annoy her. She hates nicknames.

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Well it was Andy. My real names is Andrew

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My wife has called me cochino (dirty boy) and maranito (little pig), but now she just occasionally calls me papito (little father).

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My wife likes it when I call her Doll.
She doesn’t like it when I call her Dog Killer. (she once ran over a dog on the freeway)

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Tiger…he’s not my SO yet, though…

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Can you please shut the fuck up, I’m trying to watch this!

yeah, it’s quite a mouthful but she’s had some practice . . .

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Well this week he’s been calling me “Pizza” to pick on me for eating pizza 4 times in the last week and a half. I’m pregnant and craving pizza, so gimme a break! Haha.

“Honey, can you go feed the dogs?”
“Okay, Pizza.”

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It used to be Mr. Bigdick. I don’t have a nickname now.

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“Sparky” He was an electrician in the Navy

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She used to call me snookums, pronounced schnooookumsh. I would call her jelly tot. Alas, in time, those cutesy names fade…....i’m now referred to as “the horny bastard” & she is known as “the boss.”

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He calls me Jerry Twitch, Jerry because I drive fast and this (Jerry was a race car driver) song reminds him of me. Then Twitch because my legs twitch uncontrollably after sex. My nickname for him has tons more cuteness to it “Puddin’ Tatar” or “Tatar” for short. It just kinda stuck.

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I call him Guy, he calls me Lady. This is based on what he claims the cats call us in their minds. We’re merely servants, not people, therefore we don’t need to have individual names. If I’m about to ask for a favor, I call him Sweetielambiecuddlesugarface.

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He calls me Beebo or just Bee, for reasons I can’t remember. He’ll often call me Kitten, like he used to before Bee came into the picture. He makes up new names all the time, like Buttermuffin or some other food-related thing.

I call him Dinky because one day we were talking about how he has a million nicknames for me, but I didn’t have any for him. I came up with Dinky on the spot and it stuck.

@annielorena – Great song!

@tedibear – Our cats do that too. Archer calls me “The Woman”.

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Honey bear… because, duh, he’s a honey bear!

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