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What do you perceive life to be?

Asked by Eggie (5737points) March 31st, 2011

Do you perceive it to be a challenge or a dog eat dog realitity or survival for the fittest? Do you perceive it to be an adventure? Do you perceive it to be just peaceful? Or do you see it as just to come and reproduce and then die? How do you perceive life?

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I consider life as a roller coaster of adventure. Each day is a new opportunity or new challenge.

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The universe having a dream.

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Life is anything but peaceful….it is a violent struggle for some, a mental nightmare for others, a battle of disease for almost everyone at some point in time and certainly more than a box of chocolates.

Yes at the most basic of levels we are here to breed and then die. From there it is a combination of what you make of it and the cards that fate deals you.

For me it is an adventure….some days are more adventurous than others and those are the ones that I look forward to most! ;)

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It’s all crazy! It’s all false! It’s all a dream! It’s alright!

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A statistically likely occurrence in a vast universe.

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A long journey ,for some, consisting of random events.

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Way too precious to be so brief. A one time oppurtunity to be grabbed by the balls & shaken about the place until satisfaction is attained.

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It’s an adventure.;)

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The purpose of life… to end.

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It seems we’re insignificant animals on a tiny planet in a vast universe we know close-to-nothing about. Although I think it is amazing that we get to experience consciousness for this short time, but it also sucks that all of our ideas and experiences could disappear from something as simple as a meteor hitting us. It’s kind of badass, actually.

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My favorite quoate:

” You don’t HAVE a life, you ARE life!”

Mans ego has a hard time comparing itself to a bird or a tree or other ‘lowly’ life forms, yet, really, our manifestation is no different or any more or less significant than that of a Sardine or a Rosebush.

We are a life form, but, unlike plants and animals, we have the brain power and spiritual capacity to continue to develop ourselves over long periods of time.

It’s a journey, an adventure and if we handle things right we will leave this planet in a much more evolved state than when we arrived. That’s the goal, what we lose in form we gain in wisdom.

Become wise and then share your wisdom grasshopper. :-)

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It is the peaceful survival of a dog left alone while it is eating another dog from a different planet with an alternative ego.

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